Open Educational Resource Movement Challenges Traditional Textbooks

While digital products have made significant inroads into the educational resources market, textbooks and other print materials still command about 60 percent of sales. But whether print or digital, all of these commercial offerings now face threats from a burgeoning effort to promote “open” resources for education—that is, materials that can be used and replicated free of charge because their copyright exists in the public domain.

New Book: Charter Schools at the Crossroads

Over the past quarter-century, charter schools have gone from an upstart education experiment to a prominent, promising, and disruptive innovation in K–12 education. Indeed, few observers present at the creation of the first charter schools could have predicted how rapidly this movement would spread or how thoroughly it would come to dominate the education-reform agenda.

Elementary School Adopts Competency-Based, Multi-Age Classroom Program

A reform that aims to more authentically track student learning, competency-based education’s hallmark is the jettisoning of traditional grading systems. Instead of receiving As and Bs, students are told, specifically, whether they are achieving competency – or, as some call it, “proficiency” – in individual skills, whether it be long multiplication or identifying a theme in a work of fiction.


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