National School Choice Week 2022

National School Choice Week is a not-for-profit effort to raise awareness of effective K–12 education options for children. We focus equally on traditional public schools, public charter schools, public magnet schools, private schools, online schools, and homeschools.

(WEBINAR) Fostering Creativity Through Collaborative STEAM Learning

Join this edWebinar to gain confidence in implementing STEAM with K-8 students. We will focus on pedagogy, the reasoning behind STEAM, and how integrating it into education can build a critical-thinking foundation and problem-solving skills for younger students.

(TX) Texas Computer Education Association Convention & Exposition 2022

In 2022, we’ll mark 42 years of the TCEA Convention & Exposition. But it feels like we are just getting started. Each year, we design an event focused on accelerating learning and connecting educators with powerful teaching strategies and techniques — and with each other. 

(WEBINAR) Standards-Based Reform: What is it? What Have We Learned? And What Comes Next?

As we approach forty years since A Nation at Risk was published, join us for a conversation around the recent EduDream research series exploring how the movement addressed structural inequities; what unintended consequences have occurred, particularly for students of color; and what equitable approaches, if any, have been taken to address those unintended consequences.

(NV) Unschooling NOW 2022

This gathering is designed to discuss unschooling, life-learning, parenthood, human-hood…. LIFE! We are not only exploring the educational component, but we are exploring the family and the community, not to mention…. each individual. We welcome people open to growth, open to exploring, open to respect of every individual, and most importantly….. love and respect of our young as the amazing human beings that they truly are.

(TN) AASA National Conference on Education 2022

With schools thrust into the global pandemic, equity became a critical barometer as changes were made to accommodate necessary distance learning, safety, technology, mental health and wellness, and other innovative approaches to education.

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