10 Must-Read Education Stories From This Week

Homeschooling Surge Continues, Unions Gain Unlikely Foes, Districts Use COVID Cash for Upgrades, and More

10. More Colorado Schools Face $25,000 Monthly Fine as State Adds ‘Thunderbird’ to Banned Mascot List

As a compliance deadline looms, schools learned that their mascot, which represents a mythical bird important to several tribes, may fall under a law banning American Indian nicknames. Read Now

9. Las Vegas District to Equip Teachers With Panic Buttons as School Violence Intensifies

Educators throughout the Clark County School District will soon have classroom panic buttons at their disposal, a resource officials say could have prevented the alleged sexual assault and attack that left a teacher critically injured last week at a northeast Las Vegas high school. Read Now

8. Students in Oregon District Will Be Able to Create a ‘Gender Transition Plan’ With School Staff, Keep It a Secret From Parents

In mid-February, Salem-Keizer Public Schools introduced several new policies with the goal of increasing the “safety, wellbeing, education and success” of transgender and non-binary students. Read Now

7. Newark District to Spend Nearly Half of $182M in COVID Aid on Building Upgrades, Only 5% on Tutoring

Despite data showing the pandemic severely disrupted students’ learning, the spending plan sets aside more money for office computers than tutoring. Read Now

6. Michigan Allows Schools to Use COVID Aid on Tennis Courts, a Food Truck and Playground Equipment

The Michigan Department of Education will allow Michigan school districts to spend federal COVID-19 relief funding on a school nutrition room, a food truck and playground equipment, but not on security equipment or the demolition of an aging school’s pool. Read Now

Commentary of the Week:

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REEVES: Freeing Children From Government Schooling

I think there’s one topic that sometimes stays a bit in the background of the “freedom” discussion and it’s finally getting its 15 minutes of fame right now: the freedom of children – of their education, minds, and souls. Read Now

5. As Student Performance Drops, Baltimore District CEO Earnings Soar to $375,688, Now Highest-Paid School Leader in the State

The head of Baltimore City Schools, Sonja Santelises, is now the highest-paid school leader in Maryland. Project Baltimore found as Santelises’ salary rose, student performance decreased. Read Now

4. California Public School Enrollment Spirals, Dropping by 110,000 Students This Year

California public school enrollment has dropped for the fifth year in a row — a decline of more than 110,000 students — as K-12 campuses struggle against pandemic disruptions and a shrinking population of school-age kids amid wide concerns that the decrease is so large that educators can’t account for the missing children. Read Now

3. Over 23,000 Illinois Public School Employees Leave Unions

Membership in teachers unions has decreased nearly 10% since 2017, when public educators gained the right to stop handing their pay to unions. Read Now

2. Teachers Unions’ Other Foes: Liberal Parents

While much attention has focused on opposition by conservative parents and red state lawmakers to the teaching of critical race theory and gender issues, resistance is percolating among blue state parents who have long championed teacher unions and progressive school boards. Read Now

1. Homeschooling Surge Continues Despite Schools Reopening

Families that may have turned to homeschooling as an alternative to hastily assembled remote learning plans have stuck with it — reasons include health concerns, disagreement with school policies and a desire to keep what has worked for their children. Read Now

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