10 Must-Read Education Stories From This Week

SCOTUS Hears Religious School Choice Case, Classrooms Abruptly Close, Mathematicians Warn Against Social Justice-Based Standards, and More

10. Colorado Schools Ask Parents to Fill In for Teachers

Schools asked parents to help in their buildings even before the pandemic, but officials in Denver metro districts said their outreach has increased as their need for more workers has grown. Read Now

9. No Transparency: Parents Seeking Info on CRT Reportedly Receive Completely Redacted Documents From Minnesota District

Parents in a Minnesota school district asked to see what their children are being taught. The district effectively refused to show them. Read Now

8. Thousands of California Children Could Be Blocked From In-Person Learning as Vaccination Deadlines Loom, Los Angeles District May Bar 34,000 Students

Several large California school districts are facing a potential crisis at the end of the semester: Thousands of their students remain unvaccinated or have yet to provide proof of vaccination, despite looming deadlines. Read Now

7. Scores of Students in the Four Corners Have Vanished From School Attendance Rolls

In this stretch of land, known as the Four Corners, it is not only the visitors who get lost. This is a place where untold numbers of Navajo students have gone missing from educational systems — their numbers unaccounted for by schools, their attendance records lost to parents and teachers alike. Read Now

6. Just 15% of Maryland Public School Students Pass State Math Test

The first Maryland standardized tests given since the beginning of the pandemic show a dramatic drop in student achievement, mirroring a nationwide trend of academic loss, according to preliminary data released by the state education department Tuesday. Read Now

Commentary of the Week:

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STEPMAN and GENTLES: What Glenn Youngkin Owes Virginia Parents

Simply put, the governor-elect owes his seat to parents in the commonwealth, and soon it will be time to deliver on his campaign promises. Read Now

5. More Than 600 Authors, Publishers, Advocacy Groups Condemn ‘Political Attack on Books in Schools’

The National Coalition Against Censorship released a statement Wednesday that included 600 signatories of authors, publishing houses and groups. Read Now

4. Hundreds of Mathematicians Warn Against Social Justice-Based Math Standards

Hundreds of mathematicians and scientists have signed a statement calling on educators to abandon “well-intentioned” efforts to close achievement gaps in math education, saying it could have “unintended consequences.” Read Now

3. NEA Teachers Union Cancels Convention in Boycott Over Texas Voting, Abortion, Critical Race Theory Bills

Thousands of delegates to the National Education Association Representative Assembly will not be meeting in Dallas in July as scheduled, and the reason has nothing to do with COVID-19. Read Now

2. Schools Are Abruptly Closing Classrooms – and Parents Are Furious

After a few months of relative calm, some public schools are going remote — or canceling classes entirely — for a day a week, or even for a couple of weeks, because of teacher burnout or staff shortages. Read Now

1. SCOTUS Appears Ready to Rule That Religious Schools Can’t Be Excluded From Maine School Choice Program

After nearly two hours of arguments, the court’s six conservative justices seemed largely unpersuaded by Maine’s position that the state is willing to pay for the rough equivalent of a public education, but not religious inculcation. Read Now

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