10 Must-Read Education Stories From This Week

School Violence Surges, Taxpayers Fund CRT Training, Parents Sue Over Clandestine Gender Transitions, and More

10. Former Providence Public School Principal Caught Working in a DC School – at the Same Time

Michael Redmond, who was hired as E-Cubed Academy’s new principal in July 2020, admitted to continuing to work virtually as the assistant principal at the Stephen E. Kramer Middle School in Washington, D.C., for 17 weeks after he started working full-time for Providence Public Schools. Read Now

9. Portland Teachers Union Proposes Canceling In-Person Class for High Schoolers Every Friday to Reduce Stress

To help Portland Public Schools’ educators and students adjust to the stresses of resuming full-time in-person classes, the union representing the district’s teachers proposes cancelling in-person instruction for high schoolers one day every week after winter break. Read Now

8. For the First Time, More K-12 Kansas City Students Are Attending Charters Than District Schools

For the first time, preliminary data from Missouri’s Department of Elementary and Secondary Education shows local charter schools have enrolled more students in kindergarten through 12th grade than Kansas City Public Schools. Read Now

7. North Carolina Appeals Court: Judge Doesn’t Have Authority to Force State to Spend $1.7 Billion

A three-judge panel ruled 2-1 late Tuesday, saying Superior Court Judge W. David Lee can’t force state finance executives to move the money because the General Assembly hasn’t approved spending it. Read Now

6. DOJ Settles With Maryland District After Investigation Reveals More Than 7,000 Incidents of Seclusion and Restraint

An investigation revealed more than 7,000 incidents of seclusion and restraint, with all incidents of seclusion and 99% of the cases of restraint Involving a student with disabilities. Read Now

Commentary of the Week:

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LENNINGTON and FLANDERS: What’s Behind the Massive Spike in Violence Inside Public Schools Nationwide

This is a dangerous cocktail: missed socialization from lockdowns, falling suspension rates, demonizing police, praising looters, and encouraging activism. Read Now

5. Only 18% of Chicago Third Graders Are Meeting State Standards in Math and Reading

Fewer than one in five Chicago third graders met or exceeded state standards in reading and math on a standardized exam given in the spring — when a majority of students were doing most of their learning at home. Read Now

4. Bloomberg Pledges $750M to Support and Expand Charter Schools Across the Country

Bloomberg Philanthropies, the former three-term city mayor’s charitable arm, will “support the success and growth of existing charter and autonomous schools, open new high-quality charter schools, and create city- and state-level conditions that will help sustain this progress,” according to a release. Read Now

3. ‘Metastasizing Like a Cancer’: Parents Across the Country Sue Schools Over Clandestine Gender Transitions

An attorney involved in the litigation told the Daily Caller News Foundation that the policies are in place in school districts across the country. Read Now

2. Records Show Feds Have Awarded Millions of Taxpayer Dollars to Fund Critical Race Theory Training for Future Educators

Federal grant records show the U.S. Department of Education has awarded millions of taxpayer dollars to fund critical race theory training for future educators at several colleges across the country. Read Now

1. Violence in Schools Surged in Pre-COVID Period, Federal Watchdog Finds

Sexual assaults, physical attacks, and other hostile behaviors in schools rose significantly in several school years prior to the pandemic, according to a federal government watchdog’s new report, but the data offer little insight into the trajectory of such incidents during the disruption from COVID-19. Read Now

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