10 Must-Read Education Stories From This Week

FBI Reportedly ‘Tags’ Parents, Violence Rises in Schools, Teachers Don’t Join the Great Resignation, and More

10. California Superintendent Cashes Out 22 Weeks of Vacation, Sick Leave to Become State’s Top Paid at $600K a Year

The superintendent of the Ontario-Montclair School District has become California’s highest paid K-12 administrator for three years in a row through a series of opaque perks, including one that allows him to cash out a generous complement of sick time that grew to 85 days this year and will continue to increase by five days every year going forward. Read Now

9. Louisiana District Proposes Policy to Give Schools Ownership of Funds Raised by Teachers on Crowdfunding Sites

Under the proposed policy, teachers would have to seek and receive a written approval from school administrators, such as a principal, before starting a crowdfunding campaign. Any money or supplies earned through crowdfunding would be owned by the school and have to be accounted for by school administrators. Read Now

8. Detroit Superintendent: ‘Our Curriculum Is Deeply Using Critical Race Theory’

Superintendent Nikolai Vitti reiterated that the district embraces the basic tenets of CRT as part of its 2020 anti-racism resolution to reexamine district-wide policies and curriculum and encourage students and teachers to critically analyze dominant historical narratives and question institutions of power. Read Now

7. NYC Families Striking for Remote Option Face Educational Neglect Charges for Keeping Kids Home

There was no warning, just a knock on the door of Melissa Keaton’s Flatbush, Brooklyn, apartment. Read Now

6. New North Carolina Budget Expands Funding and Eligibility for School Choice Program

Under the program, families can get state funding to help them pay the cost for attending a private school. Read Now

Commentary of the Week:

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KNERL: Home Education: Risk-Takers Need Only Apply

Homeschooling raises countless conversations about childcare, privilege, and earning power. But if all things are equal, what I hear most from parents who hate their school and don’t want to pull kids out is this: “Homeschooling is risky, and I don’t know what will happen if I try it.” Read Now

5. Feds Open Civil Rights Investigations Into Texas District at Center of Critical Race Theory Battle

The U.S. Department of Education opened a civil rights investigation into allegations of discrimination in Southlake schools, district and federal officials confirmed. Read Now

4. Federal Legislation Introduced to Protect the Rights of Parents in Public Schools

A new bill House Republican leadership is describing as a “parents’ bill of rights” would write into federal education law transparency requirements for curriculum and spending, two annual parent-teacher meetings, and that parents sign consent forms before schools mine their childrens’ private data and administer health procedures. Read Now

3. As Students Return to School, So Does School Violence

Education and law enforcement experts say the increased violence in schools was actually expected, given how traumatic the past 18 months has been for many school children. Read Now

2. Why There Hasn’t Been a Mass Exodus of Teachers

In a female-dominated profession, these numbers notably contrast trends showing that women in particular have been leaving their jobs at high rates throughout COVID-19. Read Now

1. FBI Using Counterterrorism Tools to Track Parents, Whistleblower Says

The Federal Bureau of Investigation’s counterterrorism and criminal division have reportedly began placing “threat tags” on alleged complaints against school-board members and educators. Read Now

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