10 Must-Read Education Stories From This Week

‘Exhausted’ Teachers Force District Closures, Disturbing High School Hazing, Reading Scores Get Worse, and More

10. West Virginia’s First Three Charter Schools Approved to Open

Members of the West Virginia Professional Charter Schools Board approved three “brick and mortar” schools: West Virginia Academy in the Morgantown area, Eastern Panhandle Preparatory Academy and Nitro Preparatory Academy. Read Now

9. Vermont Test Scores Plunge, Math Proficiency Sees Double-Digit Declines

Education during the pandemic has been challenging, so it’s no surprise Vermont test results from standardized testing in spring 2021 were lower than previous years. Read Now

8. Philly District Proposes ‘Gag Order’ to Stop Teachers and Staff From Talking to the Media

“Are they afraid to hear the truth of what’s going on in the school — how children are experiencing education, how our money is being spent?” said Kristin Luebbert, a Philadelphia teacher. Read Now

7. Investigations Launched Into Alleged Locker Room Hazing Involving Broom, Multiple Sexual Assaults at New Jersey High School

The alleged sexual assaults are unrelated to an ongoing probe into hazing accusations within the Wall High football team. Read Now

6. Massachusetts District Fights Efforts to Expose High School Hockey Team’s Alleged Disturbing Hazing Rituals

Public officials in this North Shore community have concealed for more than 16 months a disturbing secret. Read Now

Commentary of the Week:

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ANTONUCCI: Amid Growing Parent Backlash, Teachers Unions Keep Trying to Rewrite School Reopening History

In the largest school districts, resistance to reopening varied in intensity, but in no case was the union “trying to reopen schools.” Read Now

5. Judge Orders North Carolina to Spend $1.7 Billion More on Public Schools

A North Carolina judge has ordered state officers to transfer $1.7 billion from reserves in the state general fund to support an improvement plan for public education within 30 days. Read Now

4. Arizona School Board Member Had ‘Online Dossier’ of Social Security Numbers, Divorce Proceedings, Financial Records in Effort to Track Outspoken Parents

Parents with children enrolled in the Scottsdale Unified School District were appalled when they uncovered that one of the district’s school board members had editing access to a Google Drive that included personal pictures and information on a slew of outspoken parents, including their social security numbers, a divorce proceeding, and financial records. Read Now

3. Faced With Soaring Ds and Fs, California Schools Are Ditching ‘Inequitable’ Grading Systems

The trend was accelerated by the pandemic and school closures that caused troubling increases in Ds and Fs across the country and by calls to examine the role of institutionalized racism in schools in the aftermath of the murder of George Floyd by a police officer. Read Now

2. America’s Reading Problem: Scores Were Dropping Even Before the Pandemic

Pandemic school closures and remote instruction made learning to read much harder, especially for young, low-income students who didn’t have adequate technology at home or an adult who could assist them during the day. Read Now

1. Schools Cancel Classes Due to ‘Exhausted’ Teachers, Leaving Parents Scrambling and Disrupting Student Learning

School districts across the nation are temporarily closing or switching back to remote learning as school administrators struggle with empty classrooms, driverless buses and understaffed cafeterias caused by widespread teacher exhaustion,  coronavirus concerns and the Great Resignation. Read Now

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