10 Must-Read Education Stories From This Week

GOP Embraces Parental Rights, Schools Incentivize COVID Vaccinations, Anti-CRT School Board Candidates Win, and More

10. 19-Year-Old Who Saw Senior Year Disrupted by COVID Shutdowns Unseats Incumbent in New Jersey School Board Race

Nicholas Seppy, a 2020 graduate of Egg Harbor Township High School in South Jersey’s Atlantic County, upset Terre Alabarda for a seat on the township’s school board by an overwhelming 17-point margin. Read Now

9. Florida School’s ‘Teacher of the Year’ Charged With Child Abuse

A school safety officer responded to the school’s guidance office, the report states, where the officer was told that a teacher, identified as Caroline Lee, 60, injured a student. Read Now

8. Pennsylvania School Board Sued for Censoring Residents and Erasing Criticism

The Pennsbury School Board is not only chilling speech, but also editing out community members’ critiques of the school board from YouTube videos of their meetings. Read Now

7. North Carolina Schools Face ‘Destabilizing’ Budget Cuts Because of Drop in Enrollment Since Pandemic

North Carolina school districts have not returned to pre-pandemic student enrollment totals, putting them in danger of losing $132 million in state funding this year. Read Now

6. Illinois State Test Scores Plummet, Public School Enrollment Sees Largest Drop Since 2007

Nearly 18% fewer students met grade-level standards in math than they did two years ago. For English, nearly 17% fewer students performed at grade level than two years ago. Black, Latino and low-income students showed the greatest academic losses. Read Now

Commentary of the Week:

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WATCH: Indianapolis District Admin Tony Kinnett Explains How Critical Race Theory Is Taught in Schools

As an admin for the largest school district in Indiana, here’s what we mean when we tell you that we aren’t “teaching” Critical Race Theory. Watch Now

5. School Choice Denied to Most Rhode Island Families, but Not These Union Teachers

A local chapter of the nation’s largest teachers union has acknowledged the importance of school choice, at least for its own members. Read Now

4. California Tries to Close the Gap in Math by Rejecting That Some Kids Are Gifted and Using Lessons to Explore Social Justice

Even in heavily Democratic California — a state with 6 million public school students and an outsize influence on textbook publishing nationwide — the draft guidelines encountered scathing criticism, with charges that the framework would inject “woke” politics into a subject that is supposed to be practical and precise. Read Now

3. To Get Kids Vaccinated, Schools Offer Money and More

In Anderson, S.C., high school students received $100 if they got vaccinated against COVID-19. In Phoenix, school leaders are giving out $100 gift cards. In Los Angeles, students have the chance to win gift cards or free prom and homecoming tickets if they get the jab. Read Now

2. School Board Candidates Who Opposed Critical Race Theory, Mask Mandates Win Across the Country

One political action committee that raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for candidates in the elections in several states warned that “this is just the beginning.” Read Now

1. GOP Embraces Classroom Politics, Taking Cues From Youngkin

Glenn Youngkin tapped into parents’ pandemic-era frustrations on his way to winning the Virginia governorship. Now fellow Republicans are betting big that they can also make education a winning midterm issue. Read Now

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