10 Must-Read Education Stories From This Week

Feds Investigate Mask Mandate Bans, a Teachers Union President Says Learning Loss Is a Myth, Schools Are Surveilling Students Online and More

10. A School Movement Targeting Minorities That Works, But Progressives Don’t Like It

Michael Landsbaum hit bottom after his father lost his job and couldn’t pay rent, leaving the teenager homeless in Dallas. He slept on friends’ couches for months until he was rescued by an unlikely source: his high school. Watch Now

9. New York City Deems Honor Rolls and Class Rankings ‘Detrimental’ to Students Not Making Grade

The city Department of Education wants schools to rethink honor rolls and class rankings because they’re “detrimental” to some kids, according to a new grading guidance. Read Now

8. This Catholic School Doesn’t Charge Tuition and All of Its Graduates Have Gone to College

For 30 years Father Tom Carroll has watched every graduate at The Piarist School go on to college. Read Now

7. Texas Schools Are Surveilling Students Online, Often Without Their Knowledge or Consent

Campuses are using technology to watch students’ email, web history and social media posts in what they say is an effort to protect them. Read Now

6. Teachers Push Back Against Vaccine Mandates

Some of the biggest school systems in the U.S. are taking a hard line with teachers and staff members who are not yet vaccinated against COVID-19: Get a jab or lose your job. Read Now

Commentary of the Week:

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BURKE and PERRY: Office for Civil Rights Sticks Its Nose Unnecessarily Into School Masks Debate

The Office for Civil Rights’ hunt once again expands the force of Washington into local school policy, as it also did under the Obama administration. Read Now

5. Pro-Antifa Teacher Caught on Camera Boasting About Politically Indoctrinating Students: ‘I Have 180 Days to Turn Them Into Revolutionaries’

Project Veritas released shocking new video of California AP Government teacher, Gabriel Gipe, boasting about politically indoctrinating his students at Inderkum High School. Read Now

4. 20 States Sue Biden Admin Over Controversial Mandates in Schools, Such as Allowing Biological Males to Access Girls’ Locker Rooms

Attorneys general from 20 states sued President Joe Biden’s administration Monday seeking to halt directives that extend federal sex discrimination protections to LGBTQ people, ranging from transgender girls participating in school sports to the use of school and workplace bathrooms that align with a person’s gender identity. Read Now

3. Number of Homeschooled Kids in the U.S. Has Nearly Doubled During the Pandemic

Now the total number of homeschooled kids sits at about 5 million. According to census data, more than 11% of U.S. households are now homeschooling. Read Now

2. Los Angeles Teachers Union President Says ‘There Is No Such Thing as Learning Loss’

“Our kids didn’t lose anything. It’s OK that our babies may not have learned all their times tables. They learned resilience. They learned survival. They learned critical-thinking skills. They know the difference between a riot and a protest. They know the words insurrection and coup.” Read Now

1. Education Department Announces Civil Rights Investigations Into 5 States’ Mask Mandate Bans

The U.S. Department of Education sent a warning to five states on Monday that their statewide bans on mask mandates, including in schools, could violate students’ civil rights. Read Now

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