10 Must-Read Education Stories From This Week

Biden Picks a Fight With Governors Over Masking Kids, Data Reveal Stunning Drops in Student Proficiencies, Schools Pay Parents to Transport Their Children, and More

10. Children in Much of Europe Will Be Going Maskless at School This Fall

Despite rising tensions over school mask mandates in the United States — with even the head-of-state bizarrely intervening — the mask question is less controversial in much of Europe, a continent where many countries will have mask-free learning environments this fall. Read Now

9. ‘Most of Ya’ll Parents Are Dumber Than You’: Utah Chemistry Teacher Fired After Politically-Charged Rant to Students Is Caught on Video

Alpine School District announced a chemistry teacher at Lehi High School is no longer employed at the school Wednesday after a student’s recording of her sharing political opinions in class circulated on social media. Read Now

8. Chicago Teachers Union Claims School Choice ‘Has a Racist History’

The Chicago Teachers Union claimed that school choice and voucher programs are rooted in racism, despite evidence that points to the contrary. Read Now

7. Teacher Sues Union That Demands He Pay Dues for Almost a Year After He Resigned

A Pennsylvania teachers union argues that a teacher who resigned his union membership should pay ‘fair-share fees’ for the entire year, even though he resigned only a few months in. Read Now

6. Arizona Governor Creates Grant Programs Offering School Choice to Families and Funds for Districts That Reject Mask Mandates

In a series of news releases Tuesday, the Governor’s Office announced extra money for families affected by mask mandates, as well as a grant program only school districts that “follow all state laws” would be eligible for. Read Now

Commentary of the Week:

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THE FEDERALIST: How Parents Are Holding Schools Accountable for Politicizing Education

“Just because as parents we decide to send our children to a … government public school, that does not mean as soon as they walk into that front door that we as parents hand over our rights to the government. And that is what we’re seeing.” Read Now

5. Districts Are Paying Parents Hundreds of Dollars to Drive Their Own Kids to School

The irony, administrators say, is that many school districts are unusually flush with cash from pandemic stimulus funds, but they are struggling to find staffers and supplies. Read Now

4. Pennsylvania Lawmaker Calls His School Choice Bill a ‘Game Changer’ With Its Focus on Students, Not Systems

Another state lawmaker is making a run at expanding school choice opportunities in Pennsylvania. Read Now

3. It Was This Bad? New Data Reveal Stunning Drops in District Enrollments and Student Proficiencies Nationwide

With the new school year getting underway, researchers are adamant that data gathered during the 2020-21 academic year lends new urgency to warnings they first sounded in the early days of the pandemic. Read Now

2. Biden Tells Education Department to ‘Use All Available Tools’ Against Governors Who Ban School Mask Mandates

“We’re not going to sit by as governors try to block and intimidate educators protecting our children,” Biden said during an address on Wednesday. Read Now

1. How Big Was the Year of Educational Choice?

With 18 states enacting seven new educational choice programs and expanding 21 existing ones, 2021 has rightly been declared a “breakthrough year” for school choice. Read Now

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