10 Must-Read Education Stories From This Week

Elementary Students Fall 4 to 5 Months Behind, Kid-Uber’ Apps Disrupt Busing, Teachers Unions Won't Rule Out Strike Over Mask Bans and More

10. ‘Kid-Uber’ Apps Are Disrupting the Old Yellow School Bus Model

Busy parents have long struggled with shuttling their kids back-and-forth between school, sports, and other activities. So a handful of tech entrepreneur moms created apps for that. Read Now

9. Chicago School System at Risk of Losing 100,000 Students

At a school board meeting Wednesday, district officials also warned against over-committing $1.8 billion in one-time federal funding with CPS already facing a financial “cliff” in a couple years. Read Now

8. Fort Worth School District Reportedly Spent $2 Million on Equity Consultants Last Year as Academic Performance Tanked

The Fort Worth Independent School District budgeted more than $1.3 million for equity operating expenses and almost $800,000 for the salaries of eight employees, according to the Texas Scorecard, a nonprofit libertarian publication. Read Now

7. 400-Page Audit of Mississippi District Produces Scathing Allegations of Mismanagement, State Considering Takeover

The results of the nearly 400-page audit include allegations of a dysfunctional school board and administration, improper spending, inaccurate record keeping and unlicensed teachers in the classroom. Read Now

6. California’s School Closures Violated Private School Families’ Rights, Appeals Court Rules

An appeals court Friday ruled that state leaders violated the rights of parents by forcing private schools to stay closed during the COVID-19 pandemic. Read Now

Commentary of the Week:

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GREENE: Do Student Suspensions Really Cause a ‘School-to-Prison Pipeline’?

Perhaps disciplining students with problems by suspending them reduces, but doesn’t eliminate, the bad outcomes those students tend to have later in life, rather than causing those bad outcomes. Read Now

5. Conservative Parents Aren’t the Only Ones Opposing Critical Race Theory in Schools

Moderate and suburban voters share concerns about education changes and say national Democrats dismiss their arguments. Read Now

4. 88% of Detroit Third Graders Below Proficient in Reading; New Law Held None Back

The Detroit Public Schools Community District has not held back any third graders under a new state law that says children must be able to read before advancing to fourth grade. Read Now

3. Randi Weingarten Says Masks Needed if ‘We Want to Keep Schools Open,’ Doesn’t Rule Out Strike Over States Banning Mandates

On Wednesday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “MTP Daily,” American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten stated that we need masks in schools “if we want kids to be in school and we want everybody to be safe and we want to keep schools open,” and wouldn’t rule out striking over states banning school mask mandates. Read Now

2. President Biden, Democrats in Congress Threaten Eliminating Scholarships for Low-Income DC Students

A federally-funded K-12 scholarship that thousands of low-income Washington, DC students rely on to finance their education is on the chopping block as Democratic lawmakers, with the support of President Joe Biden, propose abolishing the program in their fiscal year 2022 budget. Read Now

1. Elementary Students Fell 4 to 5 Months Behind During School Shutdowns, Kids in Low-Income Areas Lost 7 Months

Months of school closures and often inferior remote education eroded what schoolchildren would have learned since the pandemic began, and caused some to go backwards. Read Now

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