10 Must-Read Education Stories From This Week

House Democrats Want to Block Charter Funding, Teaching Candidates Fail Licensing Exams, a State's Virtual Education Grows More Than 300% and More

10. Charter Schools on Average Receive 33% Less Funding for Students With Disabilities Than Traditional Public Schools, Study Finds

Across the 18 cities, traditional public schools received nearly $5 billion more in funding than the public charter schools in those same localities. Read Now

9. New York City Teachers Union Offering Members $25 Per Hour to Coax Students Back to In-Person Schooling

As enrollment in city public schools plummets, the teachers’ union is offering members cold hard cash to coax students back this fall. Read Now

8. Putting All Other ‘Boat Checks’ to Shame: Retired New Jersey Superintendent Gets $1.1 Million by Staying on the Payroll

District payroll records still list Frank Gargiulo as a full-time employee—the highest-paid in the district. Read Now

7. Missouri Teachers, Critical Race Theory Advocate Plotted to Hide Social Justice Curriculum from ‘Trump Country’ Parents

The curriculum-writing team in a suburban St. Louis school district plotted with a critical race theory advocate on how to keep parents in the dark about their efforts to inject leftwing social justice advocacy into their classrooms, according to a video of their meeting leaked online. Read Now

6. Virtual Education in Wyoming Grew More Than 300%, Prompting Lawmakers to Consider New Legislation

In the past year the number of virtual students enrolled grew by more than 300% — to more than 5,400 for the 2020-2021 academic year. The number of districts offering these programs also increased. Read Now

Commentary of the Week:

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RALEIGH: Public Schools’ Systemic Problem Isn’t Racism or Money. It’s Teachers Unions

What’s really racist, however, is the insistence that black and Hispanic children cannot comprehend Shakespeare, do not need to know 2+2=4, or that test score gaps between these children and their white peers cannot ever be closed. Read Now

5. Mississippi Teachers Union Accuses National Teachers Union of Covering Up Embezzlement by Local Affiliate

The American Federation of Teachers-Mississippi (AFT-MS) has accused their national counterparts of covering up self dealing with local chapter. Read Now

4. Investigation: Los Angeles District Illegally Kept Funds Destined to Catholic Schools

The 58-page “investigation report,” issued June 25 by the California Department of Education gives LAUSD 60 days to establish “timely and meaningful consultation” with the archdiocese and to rectify any errors in calculating student need. Read Now

3. Schools Are Turning Stimulus Funds Into Teacher Bonuses

Dozens of school districts and states are spending big chunks of their historic federal stimulus cash on one-time bonuses to teachers and staff, over the objections of some parents and others who claim such payments violate the intent of the federal funding. Read Now

2. Elusive Data Show Teaching Candidates Fail Licensing Exams in Huge Numbers

Across the country each year, thousands of teaching candidates get ready to begin their classroom careers. They finish up their graduate coursework, start scanning excitedly for job openings — and then fail their states’ teacher licensure exams. Read Now

1. House Democrats Want to Block Funding From Charters That Contract With Private Companies to Operate Schools

A small provision tucked into a massive federal budget proposal put forth by the House Appropriations Committee would cut money for charter schools by $40 million and could potentially limit many charter schools from receiving federal funds altogether. Read Now

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