10 Must-Read Education Stories From This Week

Unions’ Woke Focus Rankles Rank and File, District Leaders Worry About Fall Enrollment, Alarmingly Low Student Performance in Baltimore and More

10. District Leaders Worry Parents’ Frustrations Over Issues From School Closures to Critical Race Theory Will Result in Fewer Students in the Fall

Experts say it’s too soon to know for sure whether enrollment loss will continue, but some see signs that the downward trend isn’t over. Read Now

9. Following Tense Public Debate, Boston Committee Approves Using Socioeconomic ‘Tiers’ in Admissions for Academically-Selective Schools

The Boston School Committee on Wednesday night unanimously approved the biggest overhaul of the city’s exam school admission process in more than two decades, adopting a new system that should give disadvantaged students a better chance of getting in. Read Now

8. School District Retirement Is Smooth Sailing for New Jersey Legislator With $270K ‘Boat Check’ and $220K Pension

Retirement has proven quite profitable for Nicholas Sacco, the state senator and North Bergen mayor who retired from the township’s school district in 2017. Read Now

7. Chicago Teachers Union Demands Over 4,000 New Workers in Exchange for Returning to School in the Fall

The Chicago Teachers Union issued a long list of demands it wants before allowing in-person learning this fall. Union leaders seek over 4,000 new employees, including a “restorative justice coordinator” in each of Chicago’s 638 schools. Read Now

6. Pennsylvania School District Shells Out $68,000 on Diversity Investigation, Internal Reports Show District Went $428,000 Over Budget

A Pennsylvania school district shelled out more than $68,000 on a no-bid contract to conduct a “race-based discrimination [and] harassment investigation.” Read Now

Commentary of the Week:

photo: RyanKing999

MARKOWICZ: Don’t Let Randi Weingarten Whitewash Her Role in School Closures

If your child didn’t attend school regularly last year, Randi Weingarten is likely the reason why. Read Now

5. Newark Schools Face Threat of Lower Enrollment as Applications Fall by Nearly 34% This Year

In total, roughly 7,800 students submitted applications through a system called Newark Enrolls this winter, down from nearly 11,800 applicants the previous year. Read Now

4. Indiana Test Scores Plunge, Just 28% of Students in Grades 3 Through 8 Proficient in Both English and Math

As education officials had warned, Indiana elementary and middle school test scores plunged this year, with only a fraction testing proficient in English and math, much fewer than two years ago. Read Now

3. Missouri School Choice Measure Signed Into Law

Students in the St. Louis area could draw on scholarship funds in order to attend the school of their choice under a significant shift in Missouri education policy signed into law Wednesday by Gov. Mike Parson. Read Now

2. 41% of Baltimore High School Students Earn Below 1.0 GPA

Baltimore City Schools has reached an alarming low in student performance. Read Now

1. Unions’ Focus on Woke Over Work Rankles Rank and File

Unions have always been political entities in the United States — the CIO gave birth to the first political action committee in 1943 — but they have never been more heavily invested in the political sphere. Read Now

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