10 Must-Read Education Stories From This Week

Biden Proposes a Huge K-12 Spending Increase, High Schoolers Perform at Elementary School Level, Parents Quit the Public School System, and More

10. California Teacher Retirements Expected to Boom, but Record Enrollment Drops May Take the Sting Out

Earlier this year, the California State Teachers Retirement System issued an ominous statement: teacher retirements in California are projected to hit nearly record-breaking heights in 2021. Read Now

9. ‘School Cases Are Just as Common as Clergy Cases’: Lawsuits Claim Newark Educators Sexually Abused Students Decades Ago

The Newark school district is facing multiple lawsuits from former students who claim that school administrators sexually abused them decades ago. Read Now

8. Virginia Teacher Placed on Leave After Refusing to Affirm ‘Biological Boy Can Be a Girl and Vice Versa’

Byron “Tanner” Cross, the teacher, voiced his opinion to the Loudoun County School Board during a Tuesday meeting, speaking against the county’s policies surrounding gender, according to a video of the meeting. Read Now

7. Chicago District Will Train Students to Identify and Report Perceived Racism, Implicit Bias and Microaggressions

The district defines such actions as “everyday verbal, nonverbal, and environmental slights, snubs, or insults, whether intentional or unintentional,” based on a person’s race, sexual orientation, and gender identity. Read Now

6. 25 States Have Introduced Personal Finance Education Legislation So Far This Year

So far in 2021, 25 states in the U.S. have introduced legislation that would add personal finance education to their high school curriculum, according to Next Gen Personal Finance’s bill tracker. Read Now

Commentary Of The Week:

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COOPER: CDC and NEA Teachers Union Engaged in Unethical Collaborations Over Scientific Guidance

Upon learning that the CDC and NEA were discussing my agenda together, I decided to email them so they can ask me about it directly. Read Now

5. Former BLM Leader Says He Quit After Learning ‘Ugly Truth’ of Group’s Stance on Family and Education

Rashad Turner, who founded the local BLM chapter in St. Paul in 2015, released a video last week titled ‘The Truth Revealed about BLM’. Read Now

4. Vermont Can’t Exclude Students at Religious Schools From Tuition Program, Federal Court Affirms

The Alliance Defending Freedom, the powerful Christian legal group litigating the case on behalf of four Vermont high school students and the Roman Catholic Diocese of Burlington, has declared victory, saying that the ruling “ends more than 21 years of discrimination.” Read Now

3. Wearied by COVID-Era Education, Parents Quit the Public School System – and They’re Not Going Back

The pandemic created a new, more diverse, more connected crop of homeschoolers. They could help shape what learning looks like for everyone. Read Now

2. Leaked Documents Show Baltimore High Schoolers Perform Math, Reading at Elementary School Level

Project Baltimore, over the years, has heard from many parents who say their children are being pushed through Baltimore City Schools without getting the education they need. Read Now

1. Biden Proposes a 41% Increase in Federal Spending on K-12 Education

President Joe Biden proposed an ambitious $6 trillion national budget Friday that calls for dramatic increases in spending on K-12 education, including $20 billion in new incentives to states to raise teacher pay and address inequity in school funding. Read Now

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