10 Must-Read Education Stories From This Week

The Largest Annual Education Spending Increase in a Decade, Districts Concede They Failed Students With Disabilities, Kids Keep Getting Hit at School, and More

10. Parents Eye Another Option for Fall: Hybrid Homeschooling

Amanda Holley and her family used to enjoy walking to a nearby public elementary school. Now, a local school isn’t a part of the plan: Ms. Holley home-schools three days a week and sends her children to school elsewhere the other days. Read Now

9. Iowa Governor Signs Charter School Expansion, Allowing Applicants to Bypass Local Boards and Turn Directly to the State

Expanding the state’s charter school program was one of Reynolds’ marquee priorities in her “school choice” agenda unveiled at the start of the year. Read Now

8. Oklahoma to Award 10 Times More Tax Credits for School Choice Program Donations

Gov. Kevin Stitt said he will sign a bill to raise the maximum tax credits from $5 million to $50 million for donations to schools. Read Now

7. FBI Probe of Massive Pennsylvania Teacher Pension Fund Seeks Evidence of Kickbacks or Bribery

Federal prosecutors investigating Pennsylvania’s $64 billion public school pension fund are looking for evidence of kickbacks or bribery as they explore why the plan exaggerated investment returns and spent millions to amass real estate in Harrisburg. Read Now

6. California Proposal Would Deter Students From Taking Advanced Math to ‘Counter the Cultural Forces’ That Perpetuate Inequities

California’s fierce debate around educational equity is about to get a lot fiercer. Read Now


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LASTER: We Parents Did All the Scrambling During This Pandemic, and Now Randi Weingarten Wants the Credit

When we parents were suddenly schooling from home, it was the teachers’ union contracts, collective bargaining and negotiations that were the main factor in prohibiting us from having any meaningful dialogue about our students’ needs. Read Now

5. Kids Keep Getting Hit at School, Even Where Corporal Punishment Is Banned

“It’s against the law to impose corporal punishment on your cat or your dog or your horse, but you can do it to a little child. So it needs to end. It’s barbaric and it opens the door to abuse,” says Attorney Brent Probinsky. Read Now

4. Teachers Union Boss Randi Weingarten Says CDC Asked Union for ‘Language’ to Use in School Reopening Guidance

​Randi Weingarten, the head of the American Federation of Teachers, admitted that the Biden administration asked her union for “language” the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention could use in creating guidelines on school reopenings. Read Now

3. Instead of Learning Recovery, Districts Plan to Spend Billions in COVID Relief Largely on Budget Gaps, Teacher Bonuses, More Staff

States have until Monday to distribute $81 billion in federal relief funds to districts — two-thirds of the total for K-12 schools in the American Rescue Plan. Read Now

2. How America Failed Students With Disabilities During the Pandemic

More than a year after the pandemic began, officials in school districts across the country concede they failed during the crisis to deliver the quality of education that students with disabilities are legally entitled to receive. Read Now

1. Census Bureau: 2019 Had Largest Annual Education Spending Increase in a Decade

In total, schools spent $752.3 billion in FY 2019, with about one-third of the expenditures dedicated to instructional salaries. Read Now

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