10 Must-Read Education Stories From This Week

Cheating Becomes Rampant, Biden Snubs Charters, Schools Fear a Dropout Surge, and More

10. Parents Ask Why a Teacher Is Heading to Mexico for 12 Days After She Chose Not to Teach in Person

While the teacher’s district, West Contra Costa Unified, reopened classrooms on a hybrid schedule for families who opted in, the teacher had not returned to in-person instruction, which was voluntary in her district. No medical waivers are needed. Read Now

9. During the Pandemic, Homeschooling Numbers in Alaska Shot Up From 9.6% to 27.5%

Sharice Bradley of Eagle River began homeschooling her four children last fall with the help of a pod — a small group of students from different families learning together from home. It was a means of making do during the pandemic. Read Now

8. Parents Furious That San Francisco Students Might Go Back One Day Before Term Ends So District Can Qualify for $12M in Reopening Funds

When the teachers union over the weekend announced the “exciting news” that San Francisco’s high school seniors will get a chance to go back to classrooms starting Friday, it left out details about the plan, including that students might be back for one to three days. Read Now

7. Philly School Board Launching Investigation Into Allegations of Racism and Bias Against Black-Led Charters by the District

“We need to stand up against the systemic racism and the systemic biases that threaten that choice and threaten our schools,” said Larry Jones, CEO of Richard Allen Preparatory Charter School. Read Now

6. Florida Governor Signs Largest Expansion of School Choice in the History of the State

Gov. Ron DeSantis on Tuesday signed a measure to dramatically overhaul the state’s school voucher system. Read Now

Commentary of the Week:

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WELCH: The Self-Fulfilling Prophecy of ‘School Hesitancy’

Shocker: When you keep schools closed, lie about them being death mills, then call opening advocates white supremacists, parents may not be in a hurry to send their kids back to part-time Zoom-in-a-room. Read Now

5. Schools Try to Track Down Students Amid Fear of Dropout Surge

A National Dropout Prevention Center report predicted a doubling or tripling of the number of students who were at risk of falling behind academically and not graduating. Read Now

4. President Biden Appears to Snub Charter Schools on National Celebration Week

President Biden is apparently ignoring the contributions of charter schools in educating students — during National Charter Schools Week. Read Now

3. At Least 50 School Choice Bills Have Been Introduced in 30 States So Far This Year

More children are likely to have increased access to educational options after state legislators across the U.S. advanced a slew of bills this year expanding school choice, according to several state-by-state surveys. Read Now

2. As Political Backlash Mounts, Teachers Union President Randi Weingarten Says It’s Time to Fully Reopen Schools

The head of the politically powerful American Federation of Teachers says in a speech that ‘conditions have changed’ and that it is time to fully reopen schools. Read Now

1. Cheating at School Is Easier Than Ever – and It’s Rampant

A year of remote learning has spurred an eruption of cheating among students, from grade school to college. With many students isolated at home over the past year—and with a mass of online services at their disposal—academic dishonesty has never been so easy. Read Now

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