10 Must-Read Education Stories From This Week

Biden Pushes Adding Four More Years to Public Education, Teachers Unions Donations to Politicians Spike, SCOTUS Appears Wary of Giving Schools to Punish Students’ Off-Campus Speech

10. Federal Judge Dismisses Lawsuit by Female Athletes Seeking to Block Biological Males From Competing in Girls’ School Sports

U.S. District Court Judge Robert Chatigny has dismissed on procedural grounds a lawsuit filed in federal court against the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference, which sought to halt transgender female athletes from participating in girls high school sports in Connecticut, but the plaintiffs say they will appeal the ruling. Read Now

9. Illinois Bill Would Allow the State to Investigate, Shut Down Private Schools for Not Following COVID Rules

House Bill 2789 would have the Illinois Department of Public Health provide requirements for in-person instruction at not just public schools, but nonpublic schools, to include “personal protective equipment, cleaning and hygiene, social distancing, occupancy limits, symptom screening, onsite isolation protocols.” Read Now

8. California School Districts Spent Majority of COVID Relief Funds on Employees

Of the nearly $178 million in coronavirus aid funds San Diego County’s 10 largest school districts spent through December 2020, almost $90 million – or 51 percent – went to employee pay and benefit costs, an analysis of district records reveals. Read Now

7. Idaho Becomes First State to Prohibit Public Schools From Forcing Students to Embrace Critical Race Theory

Idaho Gov. Brad Little late Wednesday signed legislation aimed at preventing schools and universities from “indoctrinating” students through teaching critical race theory, which examines the ways in which race and racism influence American politics, culture and the law. Read Now

6. Florida Legislation Proposing $200M School Choice Expansion Heads to Governor

If Gov. Ron DeSantis signs it into law, the legislation would pave the way for about 61,000 new students to qualify for taxpayer-funded vouchers. Read Now

Commentary Of The Week:

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RING: California Bill Aims to Destroy Charter Schools

Masquerading as a “transparency” reform, AB 1316 will decimate charter schools across the state. Read Now

5. Schools Are Finally Reopening, but Minority Students Are Most Likely to Be Missing From Classrooms

Minority students are most likely to be missing out on in-person learning, despite assurances of classroom safety under Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidance and outreach by local and state school districts. Read Now

4. Should Schools Be Allowed to Punish Students for Off-Campus Speech? SCOTUS Appears Wary

A majority of Supreme Court justices Wednesday appeared wary of giving schools broad power to discipline off-campus student speech, but also worried about tying principals’ hands when it comes to bullying, harassment and cheating. Read Now

3. Dem Nebraska State Senator Says He’ll Abandon School Choice When Colleagues Send Their Kids to Public School

During a speech before the Nebraska legislature, Democratic state senator Justin Wayne promised to vote against a school choice bill if his colleagues agreed to send their kids to the public school system. Read Now

2. Biden Pushes Adding Four More Years to Public Education as Necessary to ‘Compete With the Rest of the World’

Three- and 4-year-olds could attend preschool for free and community college students could have their tuition covered under a far-reaching plan President Joe Biden will unveil Wednesday night before a joint session of Congress. Read Now

1. Teachers Unions Donations to Politicians Sharply Increased as Congress Debated School Reopenings

The money overwhelmingly went to Democrats, who had just taken control of the White House and the Senate while retaining House control. Read Now

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