10 Must-Read Education Stories From This Week

Biden Looks to Form a Cradle-to-College Plan, Elite Private Schools Embrace ‘Antiracism,’ Students Face Being Held Back

10. Detroit School District Offers $500 Incentive for Employees to Get Vaccinated

The incentive, which applies to those who already have been vaccinated or plan to be by June 30, 2021, also includes up to 16 hours of sick leave to account for possible vaccine side effects. Read Now

9. Virginia Moving to Eliminate All Accelerated Math Courses Before 11th Grade as Part of Equity-Focused Plan

The Virginia Department of Education is moving to eliminate all accelerated math options prior to 11th grade, effectively keeping higher-achieving students from advancing as they usually would in the school system. Read Now

8. Indiana Lawmakers Pass State Budget With Robust K-12 Spending, Including Massive Expansions in School Choice Programs

In their final hours at the Indiana Statehouse Thursday, lawmakers overwhelmingly passed the two-year state budget filled with one-time spending and an unexpected amount of new education dollars. Read Now

7. Texas House Votes to Ban School Choice Programs

The Texas House voted overwhelmingly in favor of an amendment to the state budget that would bar state dollars from being used on school voucher programs, which let parents use public money for private school education. Read Now

6. 78% of North Carolina Charter Schools Have Waitlists After Enrollment Increase Last Fall

A draft of the annual charter schools report showed increases in enrollment last fall with a high percentage of schools reporting waitlists. Read Now


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SANZI: The Coming Bipartisan Backlash to Public School Wokeness

The backlash to critical race theory, gender ideology and what is often called “wokeness” in schools represents a rare example of bipartisan agreement during a hyper-polarized time. While this might not fit the mainstream narrative, journalists and politicians ignore what is happening at their own peril. Read Now

5. Closures of Catholic Schools in Black Neighborhoods Provoke Sense of Abandonment

Statistics compiled by the National Catholic Educational Association show that in 2020 Black students represented just 7% of Catholic school students nationally, but they made up 18% of students in schools that closed. Read Now

4. Biden Administration Cites 1619 Project as Inspiration in History Grant Proposal

In describing the basis for the new grant priority for American History and Civics Education programs, the administration cites the scholar and anti-racism activist Ibram X. Kendi, as well as the 1619 Project, a New York Times Magazine project that highlights slavery and its legacy as a central element in America’s story. Read Now

3. ‘Parents Are Powerless’: Students Face Being Held Back After a Year of Remote Learning

Pandemic-related learning loss means some parents are weighing whether their children should repeat a grade. In 18 states, they won’t have a choice. Read Now

2. Some of the Country’s Most Elite, Expensive Private Schools Are Embracing ‘Antiracism’

Although numerous public schools have been exposed as hotbeds for Critical Race Theory (CRT) and “antiracism” efforts, private schools are also teaching students and teachers that they are either victims or perpetrators of systemic racism. Read Now

1. Biden’s Mammoth Education Agenda Would Expand the Federal Role From Cradle to College

The federal government has long been a bit player in education. Under an expansive vision being rolled out this spring by President Joe Biden, that would change. Read Now

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