10 Must-Read Education Stories From This Week

Teachers Union Reverses Opposition to CDC Guidelines, School Board Members Indicted for Alleged Secret Discussions, Parents Frustrated By 'Zoom in a Room,' and More

10. Frustrated San Francisco Parents Told to Send Kids Back to Schools With a Laptop and Headphones, While Teachers Remain at Home

The frustrated moms and dads, who have endured more than a year of at-home learning, dubbed the bizarre move “Zoom in a room.” Read Now

9. Pennsylvania Students Flocked to Virtual Charter Schools This Year

Enrollment in Pennsylvania’s cyber charter schools shot up by 60 percent during the pandemic, from 38,000 students a year ago to 60,000 students today, data from the state Department of Education show. Read Now

8. After Two Days of Refusing to Report to Classrooms, Chicago Teachers Union Wins Concessions in High School Reopening Deal

The union’s governing body Thursday approved a deal that will allow high schoolers to return to classrooms for the first time in over a year. Read Now

7. Federal Lawsuit Seeks to Remove Blaine Amendment From South Carolina Constitution

A federal civil rights lawsuit filed by a group of religious schools and independent colleges in South Carolina takes aim at the state constitution’s Blaine Amendment. Read Now

6. Majority of Black Students in Miami District Fail State Tests, Despite High Graduation Rates

Some School Board members on Wednesday were stunned to learn the stark reality of the district’s achievement gap from a sobering presentation given by administrators in the district’s Office of Academics and Transformation. Read Now


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ROSSI: I Refuse to Stand by While My Students Are Indoctrinated

Children are afraid to challenge the repressive ideology that rules our school. That’s why I am. Read Now

5. Indiana Poised to Open School Vouchers to Families Earning Over $100,000

Indiana lawmakers are poised to approve a significant expansion of what is already a broad private school voucher program, setting one of the highest family income ceilings in the nation. Read Now

4. Federal Judge: New Admissions Policy to Diversify Boston’s Academically Selective High Schools Is ‘Race-Neutral’

“This Court finds and rules that the Plan is race-neutral, and that neither the factors used nor the goal of greater diversity qualify as a racial classification,” Judge William Young wrote in the ruling released Thursday night. Read Now

3. Private School Choice Legislation Passes Arkansas Senate

Legislation that would pay for private school tuition and fees for roughly 250 students and award up to $2 million a year in state income tax credits to the contributors for the scholarships zipped through the Arkansas Senate on Thursday. Read Now

2. Grand Jury Indicts Texas School Board Members for Alleged Secret Discussions About Racial Agenda

Two Texas school board members were indicted on charges that they violated the Open Meetings Act as they discussed a racial agenda that was widely opposed by their constituents. Read Now

1. Randi Weingarten Reverses Opposition to CDC’s Loosening of School Social Distancing Guidance

The move comes after the American Federation of Teachers received a letter from the health agency. Read Now

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