10 Must-Read Education Stories From This Week

Homeschooling Popularity Explodes, Districts Get Unprecedented Funding, Teachers Unions Hate School-Opening Science, and More

10. How a Christian School, Where All Students Need Financial Assistance, Has Held In-Person Classes Since August

When other schools were still discussing concerns about in-person learning, Holy Family Ministries’ Holy Family School was getting ready to open on schedule. Read Now

9. 19,000 Detroit Students Aren’t Receiving Requested In-Person Learning Because Teachers Refuse to Return Classrooms

Dr. Nikolai Vitti spoke on Wednesday, saying staffing issues are leading to roadblocks for face-to-face learning in Detroit, causing Michigan’s largest city to plan at least another week of students staying home in April. Read Now

8. Schools in Washington State Used COVID Survey to Ask Middle Schoolers If They’re Trans or ‘Something Else’

Parents are livid that their young children — as young as 10 — were asked about their gender identity and sexual orientation in a survey that was supposed to be about COVID wellness. Read Now

7. DC Summer Jobs Program Will Pay Teens to Take Classes as Part of Plan to Combat Learning Loss

Wages will start at $6.25 an hour — something officials hope will entice older students who may need the extra class time but rely on summer work to get a paycheck or beef up their resume. Read Now

6. Chicago Teachers Union’s Lawsuit Over District’s ‘Blatantly Racist’ School Turnaround Policy Cleared for Trial

CTU President Jesse Sharkey said potential compensation over the firings would constitute “reparations” against Black teachers who suffered from discriminatory policies. Read Now


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WELCH: Teachers Unions Hate School-Opening Science Now That They Can’t Influence It

Now the teachers unions that have been the single biggest obstacle to reopening K-12 classrooms in Democrat-run cities and states have come up with yet another reason to stay home from school. Read Now

5. Kentucky Governor Vetoes School Choice Bill, but Override Possible

Calling them a “direct attack” on Kentucky’s public schools, Gov. Andy Beshear vetoed a set of controversial education bills Wednesday. Read Now

4. Government Data Show Race, Region Disparities in School Reopening, Most Nonwhite Students Learning Entirely Online

Nearly half of U.S. elementary schools were open for full-time classroom learning as of last month. Read Now

3. Teachers Union to Biden Administration: We’re ‘Not Convinced’ Social Distancing Can Safely Be Cut to 3 Feet

The nation’s second-largest teachers union sent a two-page letter to the Biden administration on Tuesday questioning the decision to reduce the recommended social distancing in schools to three feet between students. Read Now

2. Unprecedented Federal Funding Is on the Way for Some School Districts, One Will Get More Than $23,000 per Student

The numbers vary from state to state, and some low-income schools won’t get such massive infusions. But a Chalkbeat analysis in a number of states shows that high-poverty school districts will typically get several times more than their wealthy counterparts. Read Now

1. Homeschooling Doubled During the Pandemic, U.S. Census Survey Finds

In a year when so much about schooling has changed, add this to the list: A significant increase in the number of households where students were homeschooled. Read Now

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