Student Interrupted: Research-Backed Recommendations for Post-COVID Support — CPRE Knowledge Hub

This podcast was originally published on the CPRE Knowledge Hub.

From pre-K to high school to college, the COVID-19 pandemic has had an unprecedented impact on nearly all aspects of American education. One field of research, however, may offer some insight into its potential impacts on students.

In a new article, University of Virginia researcher Chris Chang-Bacon draws on years of research into Students with Interrupted Formal Education, or SIFE, and offers lessons for educators working to support students following a year of disruption and disconnection.

Chang-Bacon joins CPRE Knowledge Hub managing editor Keith Heumiller to discuss his work and some evidence-backed recommendations for policymakers, school leaders, researchers and other stakeholders attempting to navigate a post-COVID world. He also discusses how supports used during the pandemic can be preserved for future generations of SIFE students.

For more information, see the original article.

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