10 Must-Read Education Stories From This Week

Congress Approves Historic Education Spending, School Closures Exact Their Emotional Toll on Teens, States Move Education Legislation, and More

10. Tennessee Bill Would Allow Teachers to Permanently Remove Disorderly Students From Classrooms

Sen. Joey Hensley said the bill would help streamline the procedure teachers have to go through to manage disobedient students. Read Now

9. Mississippi Becomes First State This Year to Ban Biological Males from Competing in Girls’ School Sports

Mississippi’s Senate Bill 2536 is set to become law July 1, although a legal challenge is possible. Read Now

8. Kentucky House Passes School Choice Legislation

The bill would allow for creation of education opportunity accounts, backed by donations. Read Now

7. West Virginia Governor Signs Bill Allowing People Without Education Degrees to Become Teachers

Republican Gov. Jim Justice signed into law Wednesday legislation allowing people without education degrees to become public school teachers even if whatever degree they do have isn’t related to the subject area they plan to teach in. Read Now

6. California Ethnic Studies Curriculum Reportedly Calls for ‘Decolonization’ of America, Has Students Chant to Aztec God

California’s Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum reportedly called for the “decolonization” of American society in order to “build new possibilities for a post-racist, post-systemic racism society,” City Journal writer Christopher Rufo reported. Read Now


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POLUMBO: Teachers Unions Are Systemically Racist. Here’s Why

Under the sweeping definition of “systemic racism” the liberal Left has embraced, teachers unions’ incessant fight to keep schools closed most certainly qualifies. Read Now

5. Report Finds Pennsylvania School Districts Have Profited from the Pandemic, Sitting on Billions

A new analysis of Pennsylvania school district finances done by the Commonwealth Foundation shows that the vast majority of districts are likely fiscally healthy coming out of 2020. Read Now

4. U.S. Education Department Says Separating Students and School Staff Into Racial ‘Affinity Groups’ Is Not Discriminatory

The goal of the programs is to separate students and staff by racial groups in order to help address discrimination and “white privilege.” Read Now

3. Reading Skills Among Young Students Are Roughly 30% Behind What Would Be Expected in a Typical Year, Study Finds

A study by researchers at Stanford Graduate School of Education (GSE) provides new evidence about the pandemic’s impact on learning among students in the earliest grades. Read Now

2. The Lost Year: What the Pandemic Cost Teenagers

In Hobbs, New Mexico, the high school closed and football was cancelled, while just across the state line in Texas, students seemed to be living nearly normal lives. Here’s how pandemic school closures exact their emotional toll on young people. Read Now

1. Congress Approves Massive Infusion of Funds for Schools

Schools across the U.S. will receive a massive and historic infusion of money in the coming months thanks to a pandemic relief package that includes $128 billion for K-12 education and hundreds of billions for state governments. Read Now

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