10 Must-Read Education Stories From This Week

Biden Aligns With Unions Over CDC, Miguel Cardona Testifies, Parents Plead With Schools, and More

10. DC Teachers Union Expected to Vote on Possible Illegal Strike

Within a week members of the Washington Teachers’ Union (WTU) are expected to vote on whether to authorize the union to take “collective action” up to and including a possible strike. Read Now

9. Indiana District Ordered to Repay $750K After Audit Claims Officials Intentionally Enrolled Students From Illinois

Indiana law permits out-of-state students to attend schools in the Hoosier State provided they pay the full cost of their attendance. Read Now

8. Court Blocks Minneapolis School District From Ordering Teachers to Return to In-Person Classes

The teachers union has asserted that the Minneapolis district was denying such accommodations for teachers who are at high risk of COVID-19 complications or care for someone who is. Read Now

7. San Francisco Sues Its Own School District, Board Over Reopening: ‘They Have Earned an F’

The fight over reopening San Francisco’s public schools will take a dramatic, heated turn on Wednesday as the city becomes the first in the state — and possibly the entire country — to sue its own school district to force classroom doors open. Read Now

6. New Jersey Supreme Court: Teachers Working Full-Time for Their Union Can Be Paid With Taxpayer Dollars

New Jersey school boards are authorized by state law to grant paid leave to union officials to encourage cooperative labor relations and facilitate early resolution of employer-employee disputes, the unanimous decision says. Read Now


WATCH: Kira Davis Unloads on Teachers Unions: Go Back to Work or Quit

Host of ‘Just Listen to Yourself’ unloads on teachers unions who refuse to send their teachers back to work. Teaching is not a sacred cow. Parents have had enough. Go to work or quit. Watch Now

5. McConnell Blasts Biden for Aligning With Teachers Unions Instead of Science: ‘Goal Post-Moving Doesn’t Stop With Money’

“An administration that puts facts and science first would be conducting a full-court press to open schools,” McConnell said. Read Now

4. Parents Plead: Hold Them Back a Year, They Haven’t Learned a Thing

After a year of unprecedented disruptions, some parents ― particularly those of children with disabilities ― are asking their school for a redo. Read Now

3. White House Press Secretary Sides With Teachers Unions Over CDC Director on School Reopenings

Centers for Disease Control Director Rochelle Walensky said during a Wuhan coronavirus task force meeting Wednesday morning that “vaccination of teachers is not a pre-requisite for safe reopening of schools.” Read Now

2. In Confirmation Hearing, Miguel Cardona Testifies About Reopening Schools, Charters, Transgender Athletes

Though Cardona is known for his strong stance in favor of school reopening, he didn’t wade into the more divisive side of that effort on Wednesday: how aggressively to encourage reluctant school officials and teachers to return. Read Now

1. States Consider Proposals to Ban ‘1619 Project’ From Schools, Overhaul Civic Education

Proposals in Arkansas, Iowa and Mississippi would prohibit schools from using a New York Times project that focused on slavery’s legacy. Read Now

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