10 Must-Read Education Stories From This Week

States Aim to Ban Biological Males From Girls' School Sports, While Biden Order Says Access Should Be Based on Declared Gender, School Choice Remains Strong, and More

10. Arizona Lawmakers Consider Legislation to Quadruple Size of Private School Choice Program

The measure is the latest proposed expansion of Arizona’s wide-ranging programs to aid private and religious schools with public money. Read Now

9. Ohio Teachers Unions Blast State for Using Vaccines as a ‘Bargaining Chip’ to Get Students Back in School Buildings

The teachers union presidents for Ohio’s eight urban school districts released a joint statement on Thursday condemning the state linking vaccination of school staff with resuming in-person schooling. Read Now

8. How Much Learning Have Washington Students Missed? The State Doesn’t Know

If students are losing ground at different rates, they could be worse off for years to come — unless the education system changes dramatically to accommodate them. Read Now

7. Describing Jews as ‘Privileged,’ California Ethnic Studies Curriculum Sparks Backlash

The draft curriculum is intended to serve as the foundation for schools to fulfill California’s required high school ethnic studies class. Read Now

6. Charter Advocates Raise Objections to Biden’s Pick for Number Two Spot at Education Department

Charter school leaders and some members of the Black community have sounded alarms over the nomination of Cindy Marten, superintendent of the San Diego Unified School District, to be the department’s deputy secretary — a post that traditionally has not attracted controversy. Read Now


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McCLUSKEY: Did Public Schooling Fail Us?

It would, of course, be wildly unfair to blame public schooling for the breakdown of social cohesion and civic norms we saw on display at the Capitol. Except for one thing: Public schooling was largely created on the promise that it would prevent such breakdowns, a promise that continues to be wielded against alternatives such as charter schools or private school vouchers. Read Now

5. School Choice Lawsuit Surge Pushes Possible U.S. Supreme Court Fight

Vermont is facing at least its second lawsuit in four months over a voucher program that allows students in communities that don’t have schools or are not part of supervisory unions to attend schools of their choice, including approved private institutions. Read Now

4. For Children Struggling to Read, COVID School Closures Have Been a Wrecking Ball

Kids in need of remedial support already were vulnerable before the pandemic. Now they’re facing educational ruin. Read Now

3. On His First Day in White House, Biden Dissolves Trump’s 1776 Commission on U.S. History

In a move that will help to frame U.S. history in classrooms, the new chief executive eliminated the 1776 Commission as one of his first official actions. Read Now

2. Support for School Choice Remains Strong During Volatile Year

Fully 65% of K-12 parents back school choice, including 66% of public-school parents. Parental support is even higher among K-12 parents who work full-time and among middle school and high school parents (both 72%). Read Now

1. State Bills Aim to Ban Biological Males From Girls’ School Sports, While Biden Order Says Access Should Be Based on Declared Gender

The proposals run counter to an executive order signed by Democratic President Joe Biden during his first day in office prohibiting discrimination based on gender identity in school sports and elsewhere. Read Now

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