10 Must-Read Education Stories From This Week

Biden Wants to Spend Billions More on Schools, Feds Open Probes Into Special Education, Third Graders Told to Deconstruct Their Racial and Sexual Identities, and More

10. Los Angeles Superintendent Says Students Will Have to Receive COVID Vaccine Once It’s Available, or Be Refused Admission

A COVID-19 vaccine requirement would be “no different than students who are vaccinated for measles or mumps,” Beutner said in a pre-recorded briefing. Read Now

9. Indiana City Council Votes to Support Charter Ban Legislation, Claiming a New School Would Hinder Failing District’s Progress

The Gary Common Council voted unanimously at a recent special meeting to throw its support behind state legislation eyed at banning the creation of new charter schools citywide. Read Now

8. Chicago District Cuts Off Pay And Computer Access From Teachers Who Refuse to Return

The Chicago Teachers Union is incensed, calling these actions “cruel and illegal.” Read Now

7. ‘Stubborn Inequity’: 6 in 10 Philly Kids Still Attend Low-Performing Schools, Report Says

By the report’s metric, no elementary school serving a school population that’s more than 85% economically disadvantaged is high achieving. Read Now

6. School Funding Slashed in Most Oklahoma Districts as Virtual Charter Enrollment Soars

Nearly 86% of Oklahoma school districts will see their state funding cut this month as state dollars shift to rapidly growing virtual charter schools. Read Now


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ANTONUCCI: Teachers Unions Are Positioning to Negotiate How and When Schools Will Reopen — Money, Not Safety, Will Decide

So it will take cash to purchase union buy-in to any reopening plan. Read Now

5. ‘She Advocates for Us’: Social Entrepreneur Builds Homeschooling Network for Detroit Families

To help Detroit families find balance between their work and home life as well as their children’s educational needs amid the pandemic, longtime educational advocate Bernita Bradley created a homeschool network for parents and children to feel secure with at-home learning. Read Now

4. ‘Disturbing Reports’ About Seattle District’s Special Education Spark Probe by U.S. Department of Education

In a letter sent Tuesday to Superintendent Denise Juneau, department officials cite concerns that some students with disabilities went without specialized instruction — and some teachers weren’t allowed to provide it. Read Now

3. Feds Investigating Indiana Over Allegations That Students With Disabilities Were Denied Equal Access to Education

According to one national disability rights advocate, the decision to go after a state education agency, rather than individual school districts as has been the case in other instances, is an unusual one. Read Now

2. School Reportedly Instructs Third Graders to Deconstruct Their Racial and Sexual Identities to Understand ‘Power and Privilege’

The teacher reportedly began the lesson with a slide entitled “Dominant Culture,” which includes “white, middle class, cisgender, educated, able bodied, Christian” individuals who “hold power and stay in power.” Read Now

1. Biden Proposes $130 Billion to Reopen K-12 Schools

The president-elect’s stimulus plan includes $130 billion for public elementary, middle and high schools and approximately $35 billion for institutions of higher education. Read Now

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