10 Must-Read Education Stories from This Week

Missing Online Lessons Leads to Court Orders, Teachers Unions Give Reasons for Opposing In-Person Education, Districts Continue to Fail Students, and More

10. Concerns of Racist Remarks, Bribery, Intimidation, Toxic Climate Prompt a Likely State Takeover at Texas District

The Kemp school board president wanted a reason to fire the superintendent, so she tried to get a district employee to seduce the school leader, a state investigation found. Read Now

9. Florida Superintendent Defends Sharing Student Data With Sheriff to Identify Kids Who Could ‘Fall Into a Life of Crime’

The comments followed a Times investigation that revealed the Sheriff’s Office was using grades to compile a list of kids at-risk of becoming criminals. “People post stuff to the internet,” he said. Read Now

8. New Jersey Bill Would Require Schools Teach Students to Examine ‘Unconscious Bias’ Starting in Kindergarten

The bill would ensure students “examine the impact that unconscious bias and economic disparities have at both an individual level and on society as a whole,” it states. Read Now

7. New York City Teachers, Parents Sue to Stop COVID-19 Testing Over Fears of DNA Collection

A group of New York City public school parents and teachers are asking a judge to suspend mandatory coronavirus testing — until the city can guarantee that the tests won’t also be used to collect their DNA in a database. Read Now

6. U.S. Supreme Court Denies Kentucky Christian School’s Plea to Reopen

Justices Samuel Alito and Neil Gorsuch dissented. Gorsuch noted that the governor issued a separate order allowing “virtually all other in-person activities to continue with only capacity restrictions. Read Now


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PONDISCIO: What if Everything We Believe About Education Is a Lie?

If there was ever a time to ask big, heretical questions about American K-12 education, it’s when schooling has been thrown into chaos by a pandemic, and Americans’ faith in institutions, including schools, is at ebb tide. Read Now

5. Lincoln, Once a Hero, Now a Bad Guy, According to San Francisco School Name Committee

Abraham Lincoln, an iconic American hero, could soon be an outcast in San Francisco, his legacy called into question and his name ripped off a high school. Read Now

4. DeVos to Career Staff at DOE: ‘Be the Resistance Against Forces That Will Derail You From Doing What’s Right for Students’

The secretary told Education Department employees on Tuesday that her goal “in everything we accomplished was to do what’s right for students,” adding that “four years later it’s still my focus and it’s still my hope for all of you.” Read Now

3. Reasons Teachers Unions Give for Opposing In-Person Education

Teachers unions largely won’t explain why they want to keep public education virtual, even though studies have suggested that schools aren’t coronavirus super-spreaders as originally expected and that students’ performance have suffered in remote environments. Read Now

2. Schools Threaten Parents With Court and Fines After Children Fail to Show Up for Online Learning

After their kids experienced tech glitches or turned off cameras during online learning, these families were accused of truancy and received legal threats. Read Now

1. ‘Kids Are Going Feral’: There’s Still No Disaster Plan to Improve Failed Attempts at Online Learning

As the pandemic heaves into a winter surge, a slew of new reports show alarming numbers of kids falling behind, failing classes or not showing up at all. Read Now

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