10 Must-Read Education Stories from This Week

Teens Struggle Mentally, Parents Fight Back, Teachers Union Releases Policy Playbook and More

10. National Parents Coalition: Revisionist History in Public Schools Has Led to Socialist Uprising in U.S.

A national parents’ coalition that rose out of the uprising against the Common Core standards asserts the decades-long indoctrination of U.S. students in revisionist history has led to the current battle over the presidential election. Read Now

9. Austin Superintendent Resigned, but He’s Still Collecting His More Than $310,000 per Year Salary

This means that AISD is currently paying two full-time superintendents, each at a rate of more than $300,000 per year. Read Now

8. Under Draft Policy, San Diego District Could Deny New Charters Based on How Many Students They Are Projected to Attract

San Diego Unified is proposing adding dozens of standards for new and expanding charter schools after a new state law gives districts more leeway to deny charters. Read Now

7. Ohio Lawmakers Expand Eligibility for School Choice Program to Families Making up to 250% of the Poverty Level

A proposal to revamp who can qualify for Ohio’s biggest school voucher program cleared the Republican-led House on Thursday despite Democrats’ dissent and headed to GOP Gov. Mike DeWine for consideration. Read Now

6. Report Finds District Schools Get 33% More in Per-Pupil Funding Than Charter School Counterparts in Urban Areas

Research shows the funding disparity is worsening over time. Read Now

It’s Halftime! This Week’s #CommentaryOfTheWeek:

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PONDISCIO: Urban Charter Schools Are Under Attack From Within

If you’ve been around education long enough to remember Waiting for Superman and a broom-wielding Michelle Rhee scowling from the cover of Time magazine, you remember a time when to be an education reformer was to embrace conflict, even to feel ennobled by it. Read Now

5. Millions of Students Have Limited Contact With Teachers

Millions of schoolchildren in the United States remain in virtual-only school, and some 5.5 million of them have limited contact with a live teacher – even online. Read Now

4. NEA Teachers Union Backs Biden Court-Packing and Demands ‘Repudiation of White Supremacist Culture’

In its 50-page “NEA Policy Playbook,” the nation’s largest teachers union also urged Biden to adopt a long list of liberal policies. Read Now

3. UNICEF: Schools Not ‘Main Drivers’ of COVID Among Kids, Benefits of Keeping Schools Open Outweigh the Costs of Closing

Data from 191 countries shows no consistent link between reopening schools and increased rates of coronavirus infection, UNICEF reported in an analysis Thursday. Read Now

2. As Unions and Public Officials Push to Keep Schools Closed, Parents Fight Back

Among the kinds of legal challenges that parents and schools are mounting, the first and last—lawsuits launched on behalf of special-needs students and suits brought by private-school parents—have the best odds of succeeding. Read Now

1. ‘Our Kids Are Not All Right’: Report Finds Teens Struggling During COVID Rely Heavily on Screens to Handle the Isolation

The in-depth report surveyed a small group of teenagers about their screen time and other technology habits. Read Now

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