10 Must-Read Education Stories from This Week

Schools Abandon Plans to Reopen in 2020, District Spends Over $450K on ‘Anti-Racist Audit,’ Chronic Absenteeism Skyrockets and More

10. In Europe, Schools Stay Open as Reports of Coronavirus Cases Rise

Across Europe, schools and child care centers are staying open even as much of the continent reports rising coronavirus cases, and even as many businesses and gathering places are shut or restricted. Read Now

9. Classroom Fight Over Book Reaches Nation’s 2nd Highest Court

The fictional 15-year-old heroine of the award-winning novel, “The Poet X,” is at the center of an escalating legal dispute at one of the Charlotte area’s best public schools — a court fight that has now reached the country’s second highest court. Read Now

8. New York City Wants to Move Away From Grades in Determining Class Rank in Favor of Factors Like ‘Motivation’ and ‘Integrity’

As part of new guidelines issued late last month, the DOE is encouraging principals to change the process that determines valedictorians and other academic honors. Read Now

7. South Carolina’s Largest District Says the Number of Students Who Received an ‘F’ in at Least One Class Tripled This Year

More than 5,300 students in South Carolina’s largest school district of about 75,000 students had at least one F on their first-quarter report cards in 2019. This year, 16,047 students had at least one F — or more than one in five. Read Now

6. ‘The Numbers Are Ugly’: Chronic Absenteeism Among California Elementary Students Could Be Surging by More Than 200%

Eleven districts in California are seeing an 89 percent surge in chronic absenteeism among students in elementary grades compared to last year at this time, according to new data presented to the California Department of Education. Read Now

It’s Halftime! This Week’s #CommentaryOfTheWeek:

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MEYRAT: Why Schools Will Never Bring the Rotten Students Back From Online ‘Learning’

Ironically, even though it is an inferior choice in itself, virtual learning might positively affect public schooling. Read Now

5. Proposed Illinois Rule Would Require Teachers Vow to Promote Progressive Views

The rule from the Illinois State Board of Education published in the Illinois Register on Sept. 11 lays out “Culturally Responsive Teaching and Leading Standards for all Illinois Educators” on page 176. Read Now

4. School Lunch Company Reportedly Sued by the FDA for Selling Juice with High Levels of Arsenic

A company that participated in a federal school lunch program has been accused by the Food and Drug Administration of selling juice with high levels of arsenic and made from rotted fruit. Read Now

3. Maryland School District to Spend Over $450,000 on ‘Anti-Racist Audit’

Maryland’s Montgomery County plans to spend more than $450,000 on an “anti-racist audit” intended to create “equitable outcomes for every student’s academic and social-emotional well-being.” Read Now

2. School Districts Across the Country Are Abandoning Plans to Reopen in 2020

Philadelphia, Minneapolis and other major cities have suspended reopening plans, as cases rise nationwide. Read Now

1. Top Biden Aide on Education Plans: Stop Funding Charters That ‘Don’t Provide Results,’ Boost Teacher Pay, Reverse Transgender Policies

Some of Biden’s agenda items that require congressional approval will likely face a tough road, especially if Republicans retain control of the U.S. Senate. Read Now

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