10 Must-Read Education Stories from This Week

Millions of Students Haven’t Attended Class, a Teachers Union Wants Schools Closed All Year, Board Members Caught Sending Profane Texts and More

10. ‘I Pay My Taxes…I Didn’t Move’: District to Kick Out Students Who Are Learning Remotely While Visiting Another State

Can you visit a friend or relative in another state for an extended period while your kids keep up with their classes and school work online? Read Now

9. San Francisco School Board Decides to Use Random Lottery for Admission to Academically Selective High School

San Francisco’s academically selective Lowell High School will admit students using a random lottery for next year’s freshman class, a decision made unanimously by the school board Tuesday after a divisive community debate. Read Now

8. Salt Lake City School Board Members Caught Sending Profane, Unprofessional Texts Insulting Constituents and Employees

Raina Williams, a mother of five children attending schools within the district, filed a public records request asking for copies of all electronic communication between board members. Read Now

7. Hawaii Sees 43% Rise in Requests to Homeschool in First Three Months of School Year Compared With Entire Last Year

The state Department of Education has seen a surge in the number of students planning to home school this year as COVID-19 continues to spread in the islands. Read Now

6. Oregon Sued for Prohibiting Religious Schools From Providing In-Person Education While Allowing Public Schools to Reopen

The Hermiston Christian School’s lawyer said the school should be able to offer in-person instruction since another district in the same county is offering it. Read Now

It’s Halftime! This Week’s #CommentaryOfTheWeek:

WATCH: British Equalities Minister Kemi Badenoch on the Problem With Critical Race Theory

“What we are against is the teaching of contested political ideas as if they are accepted facts.” Watch Now

5. Minneapolis District Spends $355,000 on Student Surveillance Tool, Raising Ire After Terminating Its Police Contract

Minneapolis education leaders have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars this year to surveil children online, even after the district ended its police department contract and launched school safety reforms that officials said would build trust between adults and students. Read Now

4. North Carolina School Board Gives Superintendent $600,000 in Job Protection from Being Fired

It would now cost $600,000 for the Wake County school board if it wanted to fire Superintendent Cathy Moore by buying out her contract. Read Now

3. New York City Parents Filing Class-Action Suit to Force Full Reopening of Public Schools

A group of fed-up city parents have sued the city over the lack of full time education in the nation’s largest school system. Read Now

2. Teachers Union in Virginia’s Largest District Wants Schools Closed Through End of School Year

A day after the Fairfax County Public Schools superintendent hosted a town hall detailing return to classroom plans, a teachers’ union sent a letter requesting the district remain 100% virtual for the rest of the school year. Read Now

1. Report Estimates Between 1 to 3 Million Students Haven’t Attended School Since Pandemic-Related Closures Began in March

Pulling from news reports and federal data sources, the team of researchers predict that between 10 and 25 percent of students in the most marginalized populations have completely missed out on learning for the past seven months. Read Now

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