10 Must-Read Education Stories from This Week

Reports of Sexual Violence in Public Schools Skyrocket, a ‘Massive Event’ Disrupting School Enrollment, Virtual Learning Sparks Privacy Battle and More

10. Middle School Student Requests ‘Diversity of Thought’ Training After He Says Teacher Mocked Him for Supporting Trump

O’Maley Innovation Middle School staff will receive training on how to lead sensitive discussions after a middle school student said he was belittled by a teacher several times for his political viewpoint. Read Now

9. Judge Rules Against Rhode Island Students Asserting Right to Civics Education

But U.S. District Court Judge William Smith nonetheless commended the students for highlighting “a deep flaw in our national education priorities and policies” in the case, believed to have been the first of its kind in the United States. Read Now

8. San Francisco May Change 44 ‘Inappropriate’ School Names, Renouncing Washington, Lincoln and Dianne Feinstein

Those names on the school buildings, including Lincoln, Washington and Jefferson, that have connections to slavery, genocide or oppression should be changed, according to a committee recommendation heading to the school board. Read Now

7. Milwaukee District Played Shell Game to Make Sure Empty Buildings Wouldn’t Be Sold to Private and Charter Schools, Report Finds

A new report alleges Milwaukee Public School leaders hid the truth about its empty school buildings in order to deny private schools and charter schools opportunities in the city. Read Now

6. KIPP Launches First-of-Its-Kind Alumni Network to Help Its 30K Charter School Graduates

“We found out that our college graduates were coming out of college and not landing jobs, or not landing jobs that helped them move up,” said Nancy Kyei, manager of KIPP’s Alumni Impact Team, which oversees the effort. Read Now

It’s Halftime! This Week’s #CommentaryOfTheWeek:

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MITCHELL: Why Johnny Still Can’t Read

Public schools are passing students who can’t read at any level — all to avoid blaming teachers, lawmakers, and bureaucrats. Read Now

5. Early Data Show Schools Aren’t COVID-19 Super-Spreaders

Fears from the summer appear to have been overblown. Read Now

4. Betsy Devos and Mike Pompeo Warn About China’s Influence on Learning in the United States

The leaders of the State Department and the Education Department joined forces to warn that K-12 classrooms and universities nationwide are being targeted by the Chinese Communist Party’s influence operations. Read Now

3. Warrantless Search and Seizure? Virtual Learning Sparks Privacy Battle Between Tech, Teachers, Parents

The rapid shift to virtual learning this spring has blurred the line between students’ homes and schools, immediately sparking privacy scandals. Read Now

2. ‘Right Now, All Students Are Mobile’: New Pandemic Data Confirms a ‘Massive Event’ Disrupting School Enrollment

The school and business closures sparked by the pandemic, and the economy’s subsequent nosedive, are creating a level of disruption some are calling historic. Read Now

1. Reports of Sexual Violence in Public Schools Increased 55% Between 2015-16 and 2017-18 School Years

Schools reported nearly 15,000 total incidents of sexual violence in the 2017-18 school year. Read Now

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