10 Must-Read Education Stories from This Week

Teachers Leave for Pods, Online Academic Fraud Spikes, Parents Struggle with Financial Stress and More

10. AFT Teachers Union Launches Nationwide Get-Out-the-Vote Bus Tour in Support of Joe Biden

In a video message announcing the campaign, AFT president Randi Weingarten said the Biden campaign would confront the COVID-19 outbreak rather than “deny it,” as she argued the Trump administration has done. Read Now

9. ‘Will You Pay for Me to Be Cremated?’: 850 Austin District Teachers Pledge Not to Return to Work When School Buildings Reopen

“How dare you ask us to risk everything?” said AISD teacher Sarah Quigley. Read Now

8. Buffalo School Board Members Say They Don’t Oppose Charter Schools — The Problem Is Too Many Parents Are Choosing Them

The Buffalo School Board unanimously approved a resolution September 16. It calls on the New York State Board of Regents not to approve four new charter school applications. Read Now

7. Tennessee Appeals Court Rules School Choice Program Unconstitutional, Backers Vow to Press Ahead to State Supreme Court

A three-member panel of the Court of Appeals upheld a previous decision by Davidson County Chancery Court Judge Anne Martin, who ruled against the school-voucher law because it only applies to Memphis and Nashville. Read Now

6. Virginia District Proposal Would Punish Teachers Who Criticize Critical Race Theory

The proposed change would cover all communication by Loudoun County Schools’ employees, on campus or off, by telephone, in person or on social media. Read Now

It’s Halftime! This Week’s #CommentaryOfTheWeek:

Acropolis in Athens
photo: Getty Images

HUNTER: What We Really Need Is a 490 B.C. Project

The state of teaching of the classical world in American education is sadly wanting. Read Now

5. ‘Significant, Systemic and Widespread’: State Finds Major Failures in Houston’s Special Education Services

In a much-anticipated 44-page report, TEA investigators said the state’s largest school district continues to violate state and federal laws designed to ensure students with disabilities receive needed supports. Read Now

4. Court Rules Minnesota Schools Must Allow Students to Use Locker Rooms According to Their Gender Identity

In the opinion, the court wrote that it is unlawful for schools to require students to use locker rooms inconsistent with their gender identity, and that students should not be made to “shop” schools or districts in order to find one that does not discriminate. Read Now

3. Academic Fraud Spikes: Websites Offering to Do Homework or Take Exams for Students Are Popping Up on the Internet

Currently, searching for the phrase “do my homework” on Google yields 270 million results, according to results of the an intelligence group’s investigation that were published last week. Read Now

2. ‘Very Not OK’: Parents Who’ve Lost Their Jobs Struggle to Manage Stress and Their Kids’ Education

For families of any race or ethnicity, a majority (59%) report having serious difficulties caring for their children. And 35% report they’re having major troubles helping children adjust to the changes in their lives. Read Now

1. Teachers Find Higher Pay and Growing Options in Pandemic Pods

Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers, says while learning pods highlight the need for more small-group teaching in schools, she believes they’re a “pandemic Band-Aid” instead of a long-term, viable career option. Read Now

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