10 Must-Read Education Stories from This Week

A Student Gets Arrested for Going to School, DOE Cracks Down on ‘Anti-American Propaganda,’ Vouchers Help Reduce Unplanned Pregnancies and More

10. Anonymous Ed Reporter Feels ‘Sad and Guilty’ over Private School that ‘Will Be Better for My Kid’

After nearly six months of working from home and covering the many challenges facing school systems, education journalists who are parents of school-aged kids have faced the same difficult choice to make as every other parent: What to do with school for this fall? Read Now

9. Virginia District Directs Bus Drivers to Travel Along Old Routes, Picking Up No One, to Justify Keeping Them on the Payroll

It’s a quandary many school districts are facing amid the coronavirus trend of shuttered campuses: what to do with bus drivers? Read Now

8. Number of Families Moving from Public to Home School in Texas Up 300%

The Texas Home School Coalition, which processes requests for families pulling their children out of public schools, reported a nearly 300 percent increase in withdrawals for August leading into the 2020-2021 school year, compared to August of 2019. Read Now

7. Lawsuit: New Mexico Is Treating Private Schools Unfairly by Requiring 25% Capacity while Allowing Public Schools 50% Capacity

The father of an Albuquerque Academy student says the state is treating private schools unfairly because they’re required to operate at a lower in-person capacity than public schools. Read Now

6. Study Finds Charter Students’ Achievement Growth Outpaces District Peers, with Black and Low-Income Students Making Greatest Gains

Over a 12-year period, charter school students made gains in reading and math on national achievement tests roughly twice as large as those made by students in district schools, according to new research appearing Wednesday in the journal Education Next. Read Now

It’s Halftime! This Week’s #CommentaryOfTheWeek:

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ADAMS: Children Don’t All Learn the Same Way, or on the Same Timetable. So Why Should Our Education System Be One-Size-Fits-All??

Education can never be equal because education doesn’t happen only in schools. It happens every moment of a person’s life. And those moments will inevitably be different. Read Now

5. Betsy DeVos Drops Rule Giving More Coronavirus Aid to Private Schools

The move comes after a federal judge in Washington, D.C., ruled last week that the rule involving the distribution of $13.5 billion in federal aid was illegal. Read Now

4. Districts Serving Mostly Students of Color Are More Likely to Start Online

Districts where the vast majority of students are white are more than three times as likely as school districts that enroll mostly students of color to be open for some in-person learning, according to an analysis conducted by The Associated Press and Chalkbeat. Read Now

3. High School Student Arrested for Criminal Trespassing after Going to In-Person Classes on a Remote Learning Day

Now the district is threatening to close the high school to all students if he keeps showing up. Read Now

2. Researchers Find School Voucher Program Helps Reduce Crime, Unplanned Pregnancies

Researchers based at the University of Arkansas found last year that the country’s oldest private school choice program, in Milwaukee, helped shape the character skills necessary for living a good life and contributing to society. Read Now

1. In Crackdown on ‘Anti-American Propaganda,’ U.S. Education Department to Scrutinize Internal Employee Activities

The Education Department plans to scrutinize a wide range of employee activities — including internal book clubs — in search of “Anti-American propaganda” and discussions about “white privilege” as it carries out the White House’s demand that federal agencies halt certain types of race-related training. Read Now

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