10 Must-Read Education Stories from This Week

Teachers Unions to 'Fight on All Fronts,’ Charters Forced to Waitlist Students, Stimulus Bill Ties Funding to Schools Reopening and More

10. Gallup Poll: 57% of Teachers Very Concerned about COVID-19 Exposure on the Job, Compared to Only 21% of All Other U.S. Workers

A broad majority of U.S. schoolteachers say they are worried about being exposed to the coronavirus while working. Read Now

9. Memphis District to Go Virtual in the Fall, But Government Employees May Get ‘Virtual Learning Academies’ for Their Kids

The academies would allow for students to complete virtual learning in a socially distanced setting while parents are at work. Read Now

8. Union-Funded Lawsuit Targets North Carolina Private School Choice Program, Alleging It Limits Religious Freedom

The litigation filed in Wake County court contends the current Opportunity Scholarship Program violates several portions of the state constitution. Read Now

7. Grand Jury Report Accuses Oakland District of Pushing ‘Students Out the Door without Providing Them with a Complete Education’

The district has hired a consultant to review its online credit recovery program. Read Now

6. DC Teachers Lay Out Fake Body Bags to Protest Return to In-Person Classes

Along with the fake body bags, teachers posted signs that read, “RIP: favorite teacher,” “RIP: killed in the line of duty,” “You can prevent needless death” and “What number is worth the risk?” Read Now

It’s Halftime! This Week’s #CommentaryOfTheWeek:

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EDEN: Biden Opens the Door for School Choice

The candidate’s child-care tax credit could finance promising experiments in education. Read Now

5. Iowa Teachers Send Their Own Mock Obituaries to Governor to Protest Schools Reopening

During a July 24 press conference in Van Meter, Iowa, Gov. Reynolds said schools must prioritize in-person learning. Read Now

4. Lawsuit Accuses California of Illegally Denying Payments for Additional Students at Charter Schools

Their schools are being underfunded by millions of dollars and their students’ constitutional rights are being violated, the lawsuit claims. Read Now

3. These Kids Are Getting Left Behind When Schools Go Online

Parents say they’re worried for their children’s futures as the school year approaches. Some say they’re desperate to help their kids, but unsure of where to turn. Read Now

2. Schools that Don’t Physically Reopen Would Lose Out on Most Funding under Republican Stimulus Bill

Their bill, which kicks off a final round of negotiations over an additional coronavirus stimulus package, includes $70 billion for K-12 public and private schools. Read Now

1. ‘We Will Fight on All Fronts’: AFT Teachers Union Authorizes Its Members to Strike over Schools Reopening

The American Federation of Teachers, which represents 1.7 million school employees, issued a resolution on Tuesday saying it will support any local chapter that decides to strike over reopening plans. Read Now

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