Countdown: 10 Must-Read Education Stories from This Week

New Rules from DeVos, Districts Respond to Protests, NEA Budget Continues to Grow and More

10. Analysis: Why the Future of the Coronavirus Recovery Runs through the Classroom

Nobody knows what school will look like in the fall, and that’s a huge problem for everything from the economy to November’s elections. Read Now

9. Lofty Goals with Unclear Guidance: Plan to Overhaul Dysfunctional Providence School District Released

State Education Commissioner Angélica Infante-Green and Providence Public Schools Supt. Harrison Peters announced their long-awaited turnaround plan for the Providence school system. Read Now

8. Video of Baton Rouge Activist Calling Out Board Member Who Was Allegedly Online Shopping Goes Viral

“I had intended to get up here and talk about how racist Robert E. Lee was, but I’m going to talk about you, Connie. Sitting over there shopping while we’re talking about Robert E. Lee.” Read Now

7. Maryland Schools Are Still Suspending about 1,200 Student in Pre-Kindergarten through 2nd Grade Every Year Despite Law

State officials said about three-quarters of the suspensions were for threats, attacks and fighting and a quarter were for disruption and disrespect. A tiny fraction were for weapons and arson. Read Now

6. Audit Finds San Diego-Area School District Officials Deliberately Manipulated Finances, May Have Committed Criminal Fraud

A newly released audit casts wide blame on the top managers of Sweetwater Union High School District and says they may have committed criminal fraud by lying about their finances to the district’s board of trustees and a credit rating agency. Read Now

It’s Halftime! This Week’s #CommentaryOfTheWeek:

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SPINNER: ‘I Only Like Mom School’: Why My Autistic Son Thrived During the Pandemic School Closures

I feel almost guilty saying this out loud. Read Now

5. Ohio Governor Signs Bill Expanding Religious Freedom in Schools

A bill expanding religious freedom in Ohio public schools and allowing students to engage in religious expression in their school assignments was signed into law Friday by Republican Gov. Mike DeWine. Read Now

4. NEA Teachers Union’s Membership May Drop, but Its Budget Continues to Grow, so Do Affiliates’ Dues

The National Education Association may have suffered a loss of members in 2019, but that doesn’t mean the national union will have to do much belt-tightening this year and next. Read Now

3. Implementing Anti-Racism Training, Severing Police Ties, Reexamining Curricula: How Districts Are Responding to Protests

Many educators and civil rights activists have asserted racism often begins in the classroom, and that the classroom is also where change should begin. Read Now

2. Florida Governor Signs School Choice Expansion, Allowing Nearly 29,000 More Students to Receive Vouchers Next Year

Gov. Ron DeSantis signed legislation in Tampa Thursday that will dramatically expand a voucher program that helps students go to private schools, the latest step in a two-decade push to expand school choice in Florida. Read Now

1. In New Rule, DeVos Offers Districts Flexibility around Sharing Coronavirus Relief with Private Schools

The Department of Education has made tweaks to its disputed campaign to compel states and districts to share emergency funding with private schools. Read Now

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