Countdown: 10 Must-Read Education Stories from This Week

Just 1 in 3 Districts Required Teachers to Teach, Homeschooling Scholar-Mom Takes on Harvard Professor, Class Bullies Fade to the Background and More

10. When Schools Closed, Some Students Went Missing from Class, but This Charter Network ‘Didn’t Quit on Them’

“We’re relentless,” one school principal said. “I need to make sure my kids are getting the education they deserve.” Read Now

9. A Year after the Janus Decision, the NEA Teachers Union Lost Almost 33,000 Working Members

All told, 36 NEA affiliates had fewer members in 2019. Thirty are smaller than they were in 2014. Read Now

8. Netflix Founder Reed Hastings Reportedly Building Luxury Retreat that Will Operate as a Training Ground for Teachers

Park County hasn’t been able to figure out who is behind a 2,100-acre center for education reform. It’s Reed Hastings. Read Now

7. ‘It’s Just Way Too Much to Take On’: School Systems Struggle with the Politics of Reopening

Governors promise to put kids back in class in a matter of weeks, but school officials are largely stuck navigating the messy details. Read Now

6. How Black History Is Taught in Schools Faces New Scrutiny

A national conversation on racial injustice brings new scrutiny to how African American history is taught nationwide. Read Now

It’s Halftime! This Week’s #CommentaryOfTheWeek:

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RUSSELL: Yes, Senator, Parents Can Educate Their Own Kids

The presumption that a state senator would know what is best for families across the state of New Hampshire reeks of hubris. It shows a misunderstanding of the role of family, not to mention demonstrates an elevated, starry-eyed view of public education. Read Now

5. New York Times Presents Private Philanthropy Received by Public Charters as a Reason They Shouldn’t Get Coronavirus Relief Funds

Charter leaders say traditional schools have long benefited from capital that they cannot obtain. Read Now

4. With Online Learning, Class Bullies Fade to the Background

After millions of schoolchildren suddenly transferred to cyber school, some are finding a surprising upside: Complicated social dynamics can simplify, sometimes evaporate, as they learn online. Read Now

3. Homeschooling Scholar-Mom Takes on Harvard Professor Who Wants to Crack Down on Homeschooling

The Harvard professor stands behind her position that children’s right to safety, access to diverse ideas trumps parents’ unilateral right to homeschool. Read Now

2. Just 1 in 3 Districts Required Teachers to Deliver Instruction This Spring, Analysis Finds

Researchers at the Center on Reinventing Public Education spent this spring analyzing 82 school districts’ responses to COVID-19 closures. Read Now

1. Trump Calls School Choice the Civil Rights Issue of the Decade

President Trump on Tuesday described school choice as the civil rights issue of the decade “and probably beyond.” Read Now

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