Countdown: 10 Must-Read Education Stories from This Week

The End of Police in Schools, Surveillance Tech Coming to Classrooms, Trump Calls for School Choice

10. Boys’ Poor Reading Skills May Help Explain Why Fewer Men Than Women Enroll in Higher Education

“Reading scores are important for both boys and girls, and we know that girls, on average, score better on reading tests,” said co-author David Geary, a Curators Distinguished Professor of Psychological Sciences in the College of Arts and Science. Read Now

9. After a Strong Campaign from Families, NY Board Reverses Decision to Close High-Performing Buffalo Charter School

The New York Board of Regents Monday reversed its surprising decision last month to close a high-performing Buffalo charter school after a strong campaign from the school’s families. Read Now

8. Group Gathers More Than 266,000 Signatures to Repeal Washington State’s Sex Education Law

Parents for Safe Schools says it has turned in over 266,000 signatures — more than double the number of valid signatures needed — to the Washington Secretary of State’s office to put the new law before voters as Referendum 90. Read Now

7. ‘It’s Not a Pretty Picture Right Now’: Pace of Catholic School Closures Accelerating Dramatically amid Pandemic

Most of the closures are occurring at the elementary level, but also on the list are a number of venerable and beloved high schools including some that produced some famous alumni. Read Now

6. Does Expansion of Charter Schools Harm Nearby District Schools? New Study Finds That No, It Doesn’t

As long as there have been charter schools, there have been those who have predicted that expanding the publicly funded but privately managed schools of choice would harm traditional public schools. Read Now

It’s Halftime! This Week’s #CommentaryOfTheWeek:

Photo: Gage Skidmore/flickr

HESS and RICE: The Schools That Cried ‘Wolf’

Given how familiar schools’ complaints about underfunding are, it’s difficult to take at face value the coronavirus catalogue of demands. Read Now

5. Schools Turn to Surveillance Tech to Prevent the Spread of Coronavirus

Administrators hope tracking beacons will identify where students congregate and who should be isolated if someone contracts the coronavirus. Read Now

4. Baltimore Family Says Police Searched House over BB Gun in Virtual Class

A Baltimore County family is warning other parents after they say police were called to their house over something that happened during a virtual school lesson. The incident is raising concerns over privacy and safety in the era of online learning. Read Now

3. New Hampshire Lawmaker: Working-Class Parents Don’t Have Intelligence to Oversee Their Kids’ Educations

“This idea of parental choice, that’s great if the parent is well-educated. There are some families that’s perfect for. But to make it available to everyone? No. I think you’re asking for a huge amount of trouble,” State Sen. Jeanne Dietsch said. Read Now

2. The End of Police in Schools?

As demonstrations over the death of George Floyd spread across the country, school districts are reevaluating the use of resource officers. Read Now

1. Trump Calls on Congress to Enact School Choice: ‘Access to Education Is the Civil Rights Issue of Our Time’

No child in America should lack access to quality education—and zip codes should never determine a child’s future. Watch Now

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