Countdown: 10 Must-Read Education Stories from This Week

Districts Sever Ties with Police, 469,000 Public School Job Losses, Lunch Programs Going Broke and More

10. School Lunch Programs Are Going Broke

In the past 10 weeks alone, school districts and nonprofit organizations tasked with feeding children during the pandemic have lost at least $1 billion. Read Now

9. Tennessee Governor Won’t Launch Education Savings Accounts in 2020 after State Supreme Court Declines to Wade into Legal Battle

The rapid-fire developments halt the rush to roll out vouchers following a year and a half of one of Tennessee’s most contentious legislative and legal battles in recent history over education. Read Now

8. Teachers Aren’t Convinced School Reopening Plans Will Keep Them Safe

School districts across the country are sharing rough drafts of what the fall could look like. They are under increasing pressure, from parents and politicians, for those plans to include at least some in-person learning. Read Now

7. Newark District Makes It Harder for Dissatisfied Families to Transfer Schools

Newark families will have a harder time switching schools this year due to changes in the city’s online enrollment system. Read Now

6. Teachers Union ‘Shocked’ by Wisconsin District’s Proposal to Base Staff Layoffs on Qualifications, Not Seniority

The proposal suggests layoffs take into account a staffer’s qualifications, such as certifications, scores on a state-mandated teacher evaluation, training and cultural competency, and not the time someone has been working for the School District. Read Now

It’s Halftime! This Week’s #CommentaryOfTheWeek:

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SANZI: Teachers Unions Call for Police Reform But Refuse to Look in the Mirror

Just as police unions have long protected overly aggressive and even brutally violent police officers, teachers’ unions continue to protect members whose misconduct—including physical and sexual abuse—disqualifies them from working in schools with other people’s children. Read Now

5. Private and Charter Schools Generally Are Associated with Higher Levels of Safety as Reported by Students, Parents and Principals

Researchers at EdChoice reviewed dozens of studies, narrowing their focus to high-quality research based on education in the United States published in academic journals and working papers. Read Now

4. Coronavirus Poses an ‘Existential Threat’ to Many Private Schools, but Congress Might Block DeVos’s Push for Relief

With the pandemic still raging and the economy in shambles, public schools are closing the academic year in financial freefall. Now a conflict between states and the federal government will determine just how much of their budgets they must share with private schools. Read Now

3. ‘The Reality May Actually Be Worse’: Reuters Survey Reveals Districts’ Failed Attempts at Remote Learning During the Pandemic

Almost overnight, public education in the United States has shrunk to a shell of its former self, the review found, with teacher instruction, grading, attendance, special education and meal services for hungry children slashed back or gutted altogether. Read Now

2. Amid Uprisings, Schools Consider Terminating Their Contracts with Police

Some activists are hoping that the protests against police brutality and racism roiling the country could be a turning point in efforts to dial back this kind of school security. Read Now

1. Coronavirus Has Caused More Public School Job Losses than the Entire Great Recession

Almost 469,000 workers in K-12 public education lost a job in just the month of April, according to the Economic Policy Institute. Read Now

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