Countdown: 10 Must-Read Education Stories from This Week

The Privilege of Keeping Children Home, Catholic Schools Permanently Closing Their Doors, CDC Issues School Reopening Guidelines and More

10. Students File $500 Million Lawsuit against College Board over Botched AP Exams

The lawsuit demands the College Board pay more than $500 million in monetary relief and accept the students’ answers instead of requiring them to re-take the test in June. Read Now

9. All Teachers Recognized as Indiana’s ‘Teacher of the Year’ for 2021

Indiana does not have a “Teacher of the Year” this year. It has more than 65,000. Read Now

8. California Superintendents: Schools Can’t Reopen, Even after Clearance from Health Officials, Unless We Get More Cash

Six urban California school districts collectively enrolling about 1 million students warned Monday that “unrealistic” funding cuts proposed by Gov. Gavin Newsom in his revised budget would force them to delay reopening of schools this fall. Read Now

7. Kids with Autism Are Illegally Being Denied an Education During the Pandemic, Pennsylvania Lawsuit Says

At its heart is a claim that Gov. Tom Wolf failed to name as “life-sustaining” services those that provide in-person education to nonverbal and partially verbal children with autism — kids for whom online instruction and services are ineffective. Read Now

6. Public-Private Education Partnership between Connecticut and Local Billionaire Degenerates into Bickering and Accusations

Governor Ned Lamont said the state would be withdrawing the $100 million it had planned to invest in the partnership and returning it to the general fund. Read Now

It’s Halftime! This Week’s #CommentaryOfTheWeek:

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MERRIWEATHER: For Many Children, Returning to Public School Means Returning to a Nightmare

Amid the coronavirus lockdown, many are understandably getting anxious for children to return to school. But let’s not forget the challenges that many students faced within the public school system as it existed before the coronavirus. Read Now

5. Chicago Teachers Union Sues Betsy DeVos and District over Special Ed, Say Coronavirus Policies Create ‘Impossible Burden’

The Chicago Teachers Union’s legal action against President Donald Trump’s education chief and Chicago Public Schools over special education during the coronavirus pandemic escalated into mutual scolding and finger-pointing Wednesday. Read Now

4. Relief or Outrage? Parents Have Mixed Feelings about the CDC Guidelines for Reopening Schools

After the CDC released the guidelines, some of their recommendations were paraphrased in memes that went viral on social media. Read Now

3. Cleveland District’s Bold Plan Would Scrap Grade Levels, Let Kids Learn at Own Pace — And Could Set the Tone for Schools Around the Country

Cleveland schools would toss aside teaching many students in traditional grade levels this fall and dramatically expand the “mastery” learning plan it has tested for a few years. Read Now

2. At Least 100 Catholic Schools Across the Country May Not Reopen This Fall

Catholic schools from New Jersey to California are permanently closing their doors. Read Now

1. A New Face of Education Inequality: The Privilege of Keeping Children Home

Parents who can afford it might not send their kids to school this fall, and those with no other option fear they are putting their kids in harm’s way. Read Now

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