Countdown: 10 Must-Read Education Stories from This Week

Rand Paul Clashes with Dr. Fauci, More Families Want to Homeschool after Lockdown, Big Districts Still Lack Consistent Remote Learning Plans and More

10. How Inner-City Catholic Schools Have Risen to the Coronavirus Challenge

With more than 50 million children in the country home from school during the pandemic, there have been some sharp contrasts between the Catholic and public schools, particularly with inner-city schools. Read Now

9. An Alaska District Repeatedly Dismissed Allegations against a Principal — Until the FBI Got Involved

The principal for one of Alaska’s largest rural elementary schools, in a region with some of the highest sex-crime rates in the nation and a state with a history of failing to protect students, was allowed to remain on the job until the FBI got involved. Read Now

8. Ohio Supreme Court Rules State Takeovers of Failing School Districts Constitutional

Under House Bill 70, any school district that receives failing grades on state report cards three years in a row were put under the control of an “academic-distress commission,” which hired a chief executive officer to run the district. Read Now

7. Attorneys for Connecticut High School Runners Ask Judge to Recuse after He Forbids Them from Describing Trans Athletes as ‘Male’

The ADF filed suit in February against the Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference (CIAC) on behalf of three girls — Selina Soule, Alana Smith, and Chelsea Mitchell. Read Now

6. Settlement for Detroit Literacy Lawsuit Eyes Nearly $100M in Funding

News of the agreement came after the Detroit students were locked in a nearly four-year legal battle with the state for better school and learning conditions. Read Now

It’s Halftime! This Week’s #CommentaryOfTheWeek:

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PETRILLI: Half-Time High School May Be Just What Students Need

For older students, the virus will change how the school day is structured. It’s about time. Read Now

5. Report: Nearly Half of Principals Considering Leaving Their Schools

Principals are considering leaving their position, citing heavy workloads, low compensation and lack of evaluation practices, with the percent of principals planning a move higher for those in high-poverty and rural schools. Read Now

4. For Hundreds of Thousands of Kids at Some of the Biggest Districts, There’s Still No Consistent Remote Learning Plan

They leave parents and students to make do with some combination of online assignments, paper packets and lessons broadcast over public-access television, with limited engagement from teachers. Read Now

3. U.S. Supreme Court Appears Divided in Catholic Schools Case

On Monday, the high court heard a case stemming from a unanimous 2012 Supreme Court decision in which the justices said the Constitution prevents ministers from suing their churches for employment discrimination. Read Now

2. Rand Paul to Fauci on ‘One-Size-Fits-All’ Covid-19 Policy: ‘Ought to Be Doing This School District by School District’

Dr. Anthony Fauci responded Sen. Rand Paul’s (R-KY) statement that it would be “kind of ridiculous” to make nation-wide decisions for reopening the country. Read Now

1. Poll: 40% of Families More Likely to Homeschool After Lockdowns End

A RealClear Opinion Research survey of 2,122 registered voters shows that support for educational choice is strong, and that a significant portion of parents are more likely to pursue homeschooling opportunities after the lockdowns end. Read Now

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