Countdown: 10 Must-Read Education Stories from This Week

Schools Scramble to Plan for Reopening, States Reinvent the High School Diploma, Handing Out A's to All Students and More

10. Half of U.S. Public School Students Are Home for the School Year

The closures affect about 25 million of the nation’s 50.8 million public school students. Read Now

9. Why Was a Utah Principal Fired for Driving Two Drunk Students Home? Because the Policy Required Him to Call the Police

Salt Lake City School District has named a new principal at West High — an appointment that follows months of controversy there after the previous principal was fired for driving two intoxicated students home. Read Now

8. Sexual Misconduct Complaints Up More Than 50% across New York City Schools in Past Five Years

The city’s office of the Special Commissioner of Investigation received 803 complaints of illicit sexual contact or correspondence between kids and school workers last year — up sharply from 529 in 2015, according to records. Read Now

7. In Denver, High School Students Can Choose to Earn Letter Grades — Or Not

The Denver school district is changing its approach to high school grading during remote learning, after hearing feedback from students, families, and educators. Read Now

6. San Francisco School Board Proposes Giving All Students A’s During Closures

The San Francisco school board mulled over several options during a nearly eight-hour meeting Tuesday, but settled on the preliminary idea of an automatic A for all high school and middle school students. Read Now

It’s Halftime! This Week’s #CommentaryOfTheWeek:

Happy Child Homeschooling with Parent
Photo: Odua Images

THOMAS: The Welcome Rise of Homeschooling

Rather than look upon this as a negative, I suspect some parents are enjoying new relationships with their children that full-time work and day care did not allow. Read Now

5. Coronavirus Could Change Where Students Go to College, If They Go at All

Higher education was ripe for a remake. Before the virus hit, college had never been more expensive, and the nation’s ever-increasing student loan debt was raising questions about the value of college. Read Now

4. Coronavirus Is Rewriting Teachers’ Job Descriptions — and Unions Are Paying Close Attention

The union must scramble to keep members engaged when they can’t meet in person, to understand what members want in a world that people still can’t quite define, and to promote those interests. Read Now

3. How States Are Reinventing What It Takes to Get a High School Diploma

Governors and superintendents are scrapping requirements, undoing testing mandates and adopting emergency rules so that high school seniors can graduate this year. Read Now

2. U.S. Education Department Warns Governors about Sending Stimulus Money to Teachers Unions

When the U.S. Department of Education notified governors about the funds earlier this week, its guidance included a notable exception: Giving funds to teachers unions “would be likely inconsistent” with the law, it said. Read Now

1. Staggered Start Times, Social Distancing in the Hallways: American Schools May Look Radically Different as They Reopen

School administrators across America are trying to re-imagine classrooms — and the prospect of reopening schools — in the era of social distancing. Read Now

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