Ambassador Ray Flynn on Public Leadership During Global Crisis and the Case for Catholic Schools — The Learning Curve

This podcast was originally published on the The Learning Curve.

This week on “The Learning Curve” (St. Patrick’s Day edition), Cara and Gerard discuss COVID-19‘s ongoing toll on families and K-12 education. They interview Raymond Flynn, former Ambassador to the Vatican and three-term Mayor of Boston. Ambassador Flynn shares thoughts on the world-historical moment presented by the Coronavirus pandemic, how public leaders are responding, and how it compares to past crises. He recalls his background as an Irish-Catholic product of religious schools, who rose to service on behalf of a sainted Pope, to remind us of the benefits uniquely offered by Catholic schools, especially for urban poor and minority communities. He also calls on clergy members, elected officials, and policymakers to strengthen their advocacy efforts on behalf of faith-based education, so that we can finally end the bigoted legacy of 19th-century Blaine Amendments that block access to opportunity for all children.

For more information, see the original article.

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