Massive Backfire: #ILovePublicSchools Elicits Everything But Love

The origins of the #ILovePublicSchools Twitter hashtag are unclear, but what we do know is that it was scheduled for Wednesday, January 29, 2020, and it’s shaping up to be a textbook case of unintended social media consequences.

Given the timing, it seems intended as a response to the #SchoolChoiceWeek Tweet Up, which happened two days earlier, on Monday, January 27 and drew overwhelmingly positive posts.

On Tuesday, the day between the two social media promotions, some #ILovePublicSchools advocates wrote that they could “barely contain” their excitement.

By midday Wednesday, Twitter listed #ILovePublicSchools as trending, but the promotion wasn’t going viral in quite the way its organizers had planned. In the first 7 hours, the hashtag had drawn over 8,600 Tweets. Here are a few examples of what Twitter presents as the “Top” Tweets in the #ILovePublicSchools hashtag.

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