Countdown: 10 Must-Read Education Stories from This Week

Former Labor Union Leader to Fight Teachers Unions, Parents Camp Out for a Good School, Montessori Schools Embracing Kid-Tracking and More

10. Parents Camp Out 36 Hours to Register for Top-Ranked Phoenix-Area High School

Some parents even hired contractors to sit for them through online apps like TaskRabbit. Read Now

9. Judge Temporarily Blocks Texas from Taking over Houston School Board

Texas will not be able to seize power of Houston ISD’s school board until the state judge issues a final ruling on the lawsuit challenging the takeover. Read Now

8. 54-Year-Old Oregon Superintendent Retires, Is Rehired Hours Later to Continue Working While Drawing Pension at Same Time

For a brief moment at the start of 2020, Salem-Keizer Public Schools’ Superintendent Christy Perry was retired. Read Now

7. Families Argue in Appeal that Maine Shouldn’t Be Allowed to Prohibit Religious Schools from Tuition Program

Attorneys for three families arguing the state should pay tuition for their children to attend private religious schools because they live in school districts with no high schools made their case before a federal appeals court in Boston on Wednesday. Read Now

6. Fraud, Waste, Sexual Abuse: Chicago District Inspector General Details Year of Cases in 72-Page Report

Chicago schools’ investigative office discovered a swim coach who pocketed nearly $30,000 in pool-rental fees, the district’s failure to collect nearly $2 million in pre-kindergarten payments, and school employees underreporting their income to obtain free preschool. And the office opened nearly 500 investigations into alleged sexual abuse. Read Now

It’s Halftime! This Week’s #CommentaryOfTheWeek:

Photo: Sasiistock/Getty Images

VIRGINIA WALDEN FORD: Empower Parents with School Choice

The most insidious objection to school choice stems from the idea that some families, for instance, families with lower incomes or limited English proficiency, might find the process of selecting a school too intimidating or “too hard” to arrive at a good result. Read Now

5. More Charter Operators Are Offering a Plan B to Alumni Who Drop Out of Traditional College

There is a growing effort by charter school operators to help their graduates earn college diplomas in a nontraditional way — by overseeing some of the college experience themselves. Read Now

4. The Montessori Schools Embracing Kid-Tracking Devices

It may sound creepy, and perhaps something that might make Maria Montessori roll over in her grave. But its backers say it’s an effort to make Montessori, an educational philosophy with passionate global backing, even more Montessori. Read Now

3. In Contrast with Other 2020 Dem Presidential Candidates, Bloomberg Plans to Promote Charter School Expansion

“Mike’s education plan will absolutely promote charter schools,” Bloomberg campaign spokesman Stu Loeser insisted. Read Now

2. ‘Teacher’ Is the Most Common Occupation among Bernie Sanders’s 4th-Quarter Donors

News that Sanders’s most common donors are teachers comes as conservatives become increasingly worried about progressive education. Read Now

1. Former Labor Union Leader Organizes New National Network of Parent Groups to Be Counterweight to Teachers Unions

The organizers, who include Andy Stern, former head of the Service Employees International Union and other SEIU veterans, say they want to use labor organizing methods to make parents into a force for education reform. Read Now

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