Countdown: 10 Must-Read Education Stories from This Week

School Choice Parents Protest Elizabeth Warren, Illinois Students Locked Away, Kansas City Schools Falsify Records and More

10. Virginia Walden Ford’s New Memoir Released

Virginia Walden Ford shares the improbable true story of how her childhood experiences prepared her for a life of school choice advocacy. Read Now

9. In the Absence of School Choice, School Quality Can Become a Proxy for Neighborhood Race and Income

Long Island real estate agents sell schools as much as houses. Read Now

8. West Virginia Teachers Unions Aim Legal Challenges of Omnibus Education Bill at Charter Schools

West Virginia’s three unions for school staff are lining up to challenge charter schools in court. Read Now

7. Chicago District Investigator: We Are Fielding 3 Complaints of Adult Sexual Misconduct Per School Day

Out of all 535 cases reported since the start of October 2018, there are 239 that are still open and under investigation, according to the watchdog. Read Now

6. Reno Gazette Journal: How a Nevada School System Failed Before and After a Student Caused a Lockdown

According to the district, the money to expand the number of social workers, licensed mental health workers and safe school professionals started this school year. But for Frankie, there were missed deadlines and delayed help. Read Now

It’s Halftime! This Week’s #CommentaryOfTheWeek:

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BOOKER: Stop Being Dogmatic about Public Charter Schools

We can’t dismiss good ideas because they don’t fit into neat ideological boxes or don’t personally affect some of the louder, more privileged voices in the party. Read Now

5. High School Students Divided over Whether ‘The First Amendment Goes Too Far in the Rights It Guarantees,’ Report Finds

There are significant differences in First Amendment support by race across all years, and gender, beginning in 2011. Read Now

4. More Than Half of Indiana Schools Close as Thousands of Teachers Descend on Statehouse for Red for Ed Rally

The Red for Ed Action Day, organized by the Indiana State Teachers Association and other labor groups, brought teachers from every corner of the state to welcome back lawmakers, who were returning to kick off the 2020 legislative session. Read Now

3. Kansas City Schools Falsified Attendance Records for Three Years to Gain State Accreditation, District Says

Now, officials say, that misrepresentation could cost the district some money. Read Now

2. ‘Our Voice! Our Choice!’: School Choice Supporters Disrupt Elizabeth Warren Rally in Atlanta

The group, wearing shirts that said Powerful Parent Network shouted “Our voice! Our choice!” and appeared to oppose Warren’s charter policy, according to local NPR affiliate GBP News and videos posted to social media of the incident. Read Now

1. ‘I’d Rather Die’: ProPublica and Chicago Tribune Investigate Illinois Schools Locking Children Away in Isolation Rooms

The spaces have gentle names: The reflection room. The cool-down room. The calming room. The quiet room. But shut inside them, in public schools across the state, children as young as 5 wail for their parents, scream in anger and beg to be let out. Read Now

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