Countdown: 10 Must-Read Education Stories from This Week

A 10-Hour School Day Proposal, Students Surveilled, Rural Districts Face Education 'Emergency' and More

10. Sixty-Nine Struggling North Carolina Schools at Risk of Being Taken Over by the State

Low-performing schools around North Carolina are being put on notice that they need to improve their academic performance over the next few years or else they could be turned over to an outside group such as a charter school operator. Read Now

9. Sexually Explicit Books Placed in Virginia Classrooms Spark Parent Backlash

Parents in Loudoun County, Virginia, are outraged after discovering that thousands of books were placed in classrooms across the school district this year as part of a new “Diverse Classroom Library Initiative.” Read Now

8. New York City Teacher Permanently Exiled to ‘Rubber Room’ 20 Years Ago over Sex Abuse Claims Now Makes $132,753 Per Year

Aryeh Eller taught orchestral music at Hillcrest High School in Queens for just two full years before being suspended in November 1999 for allegedly harassing female students with sexual comments and touching. Read Now

7. Lawsuit: Wisconsin Education Department Intentionally Delayed Voucher Schools’ Data in Effort to Spin News Stories

A group of school choice advocates has sued the state Department of Public Instruction, alleging it violated state law when it released the results of the annual Forward Exam in September. Read Now

6. Audit: California Failed to Ensure Billions in Funding Has Actually Been Going to Students It’s Meant to Help

Auditors say it’s impossible to tell whether the 2013 school funding overhaul is working. The findings points to a likely effort to fine-tune the formula next year. Read Now

It’s Halftime! This Week’s #CommentaryOfTheWeek:

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GREENE and HESS: America’s Students Flounder while Education Reformers Virtue Signal

The school-reform movement’s best chance to get back on track is staring reformers in the face. Will they take it? And will it be enough? Read Now

5. ‘I Hang Wit a Lot of Billionaires that Really Care about Education’: Rapper Meek Mill Set to Create Philly Charter School

Meek Mill is putting his money where his mouth is. In a recent tweet, the rapper mentioned the shear number of abanadoned schools in his hometown of Philadelphia and determined to do something about it. Read Now

4. School Districts Push a Return to Busing, Despite Their Own Data Suggesting It Won’t Reduce the ‘Achievement Gap’

Multiple school districts across the country are considering busing-style programs to distribute impoverished students equally, but data suggest that such proposals would not reduce an achievement gap between poor students and their wealthier schoolmates. Read Now

3. Report: Many Rural Districts Face Education ‘Emergency’

“While some rural schools and places thrive, others continue to face nothing less than an emergency in the education and well-being of children,” the authors of the report write. Read Now

2. Schools Are Paying Big Money to a Surveillance Service that Monitors 5 Million Students Who Can’t Opt Out

Gaggle monitors the work and communications of almost 5 million students in the US, and schools are paying big money for its services. Hundreds of company documents unveil a sprawling surveillance industrial complex that targets kids who can’t opt out. Read Now

1. Kamala Harris Introduces Bill to Keep Schools Open Until 6PM, Only Close for Weekends, Federal Holidays and Emergencies

Her plan: A pilot program that gives money to 500 schools that serve a high proportion of low-income families to develop a school schedule that better matches the work schedule. Read Now

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