Countdown: 10 Must-Read Education Stories from This Week

Americans Dissatisfied with K-12 Education, Racist Math, No Ineffective Principals and More

10. Despite Railing against Private Money in Public Education, New York City Mayor to Use $16M in Private Funding for Schools

The city will spend $16 million to create or reconfigure an additional 20 schools. Read Now

9. Out of the 300 Principals in Las Vegas-Area District, Not One Has Been Rated Ineffective in Past Four Years

Meanwhile, the district has consistently had more than 100 one- and two-star schools, the lowest tiers in the state’s academic performance standards. Read Now

8. ‘Put Their Desire to Save Money over Their Legal Obligation’: Lawsuit Accuses Illinois Districts of Refusing to Enroll Disabled Kids

Officials of a private facility in Harvey that houses and educates severely disabled children will soon be forced to choose between laying off staff or discontinuing education to 11 students if they can’t find a district willing to enroll them, according to a lawsuit filed last week. Read Now

7. Teacher Fired for Refusing to Use Student’s Preferred Pronoun Sues Virginia District

Peter Vlaming was willing to do anything to accommodate a female high school student who identified as male – except refer to her as “him.” Read Now

6. Boston Charter Schools Study Shows Huge Learning Gains for Special Education Students and English Language Learners

Pupils in both categories see test score gains in core subjects when enrolled in charters, and postsecondary outcomes like college enrollment are also improved. Read Now

It’s Halftime! This Week’s #CommentaryOfTheWeek:

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McCLUSKEY: Why Would a Libertarian Want School Choice? Suppose Canned Peaches…

Suppose government forces everyone to pay for canned peaches, because nutrition is crucial for the body politic and everyone has to be treated equally. That’s great for people who love canned peaches above all other foods, but what about people who prefer canned grapes, or fruit salad, or filet mignon, or naan? Read Now

5. California Governor Gives Districts More Power to Block Charter Schools

The new law will let districts consider how proposed charter schools would affect traditional schools in the district and whether they would siphon money from schools already in financial distress. Read Now

4. Seattle Public Schools Teaching ‘Math Ethnic Studies’ Asks, ‘Who Gets to Say If an Answer Is Right?’

Math, in case you didn’t already know, is racist. Read Now

3. DeVos Tries Breathing New Life into Tax Credit Scholarships

“I remain dumbfounded that some conservatives who masquerade as education reformers criticize this proposal,” Betsy DeVos said. Read Now

2. Chicago Teachers Union Sets Joint Strike Date with Support Staff and Park Workers, Potentially Affecting 360,000 Kids

The Chicago Teachers Union, school support staff and Park District workers will all go on strike together on Oct. 17 if they can’t reach contract deals by then. Read Now

1. RealClearPolitics Poll Shows Fewer Americans Listing ‘Go to College’ as a Goal of K-12 Education

A majority of registered voters are dissatisfied with the performance of the elementary and secondary education system in this country, according to a detailed new survey. Moreover, Americans have little confidence that public schools will improve any time soon. Read Now

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