Countdown: 10 Must-Read Education Stories from This Week

Charters' Friendly Competition, Philly's Attendance Dilemma, Mandatory Mental Health Screenings and More

10. U.S. Department of Education Releases Federal Report on School Choice

This report examines eight indicators related to enrollment, achievement, safety, and parent satisfaction for multiple categories of elementary and secondary school settings. Read Now

9. Chicago Teachers Union Votes to Authorize Strike

A potential walkout could affect the approximately 360,000 students enrolled in Chicago Public Schools, as well as their families, many of whom could be scrambling for alternative child care options. Read Now

8. Alum of New York City School with ‘No Fail’ Policy: I Was Always Stoned, Drunk and Skipping Class — So They Let Me Graduate Early

“They handed me a few work sheets for each subject, and told me if I completed them in a week, I could graduate six months early,” Creighton, now 21, told The Post. Read Now

7. New North Carolina Law Requires Students to Undergo Mental Health Screenings

The newly-signed law requires each district to create a mental health crisis response plan made up of the SBI, local law enforcement, and school administrators to identify students who may pose a threat to themselves or others. Read Now

6. ‘The School District Is Busting at the Seams’: A Surge of Unaccompanied Minors Have Filled This Minnesota Town’s Schools

Their arrival has helped swell Worthington’s student population by almost one-third, forcing administrators to convert storage space into classrooms and teachers to sprint between periods, book carts in tow. Read Now

It’s Halftime! This Week’s #CommentaryOfTheWeek:

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BIGGS and RICHWINE: The Truth about Teacher Pay

Teachers as a group are generally well compensated, and teacher pay and benefits have risen faster over time than compensation in private-sector jobs. Failure to recognize these facts can lead education reform down a blind alley. Read Now

5. Elizabeth Warren Wants Voters to Know She Was a Teacher, But She Hasn’t Published a K-12 Education Plan

Vocal on the campaign trail about her proposals to expand pre-kindergarten and make college more affordable, Warren has yet to release a comprehensive K-12 education plan. Read Now

4. Minority Students’ SAT Scores Continue to Fall Behind

In a continuing trend of lower scores among minority groups over the past decade, more African American and Latino students in the Class of 2019 failed to reach SAT benchmarks for college readiness than on the previous year’s test. Read Now

3. Little Rock School Board Puts Teacher Union Decertification on October Meeting Agenda, ‘Angry Outbursts’

“You’re a criminal, Dr. Moore!” was part of the shouted outcry. “Who is paying you, Dr. Moore?” Read Now

2. Attendance Dilemma: Philly Students Showing Up for School, But May Not Be Showing Up for Class

Rosy data based on card swipes have been touted by district officials as evidence of their success boosting attendance. Meanwhile, the daily logs created by teachers are hidden from the public. Read Now

1. Study: As the ‘Market Share’ of Charters Grows, Average Performance of All Minority Students in a Community Improves

What happens to traditional school districts when charter schools come to town? Read Now

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