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In our Newsmaker Interview, Cara and Bob talk with Nina Rees, President and CEO of the National Alliance for Charter Public Schools on what Election 2020 presidential candidates are saying about charters, the diverse families being served by these schools, and the quest for excellence and equity.

Stories of the Week: In Pennsylvania’s capital, protesting Governor Wolf’s crackdown on charter schools; meanwhile in other parts of the state, growing support for cyber charters. In Rhode Island, the Education Commissioner’s for the Providence public schools in the wake of the groundbreaking Johns Hopkins report on the “broken system.” And, in Seattle, the dress code gets dumped after “inciting hostility.”

Bob’s Commentary of the Week: New York allows students to leave school to participate in climate change protests – is this an appropriate use of student learning time?

And Cara’s Tweet of the Week:

The Public’s Radio 89.3FM‏ @ThePublicsRadio: “Well, if they’re not sending their kids to Providence schools, it’s because they know, right? And they’re lucky enough to have options.” – RI Ed. Commissioner Angélica Infante-Green. Only a few electeds send their kids to traditional Prov. public schools.

About the Newsmaker Interview Guest:

Nina Rees is President and Chief Executive Officer of the National Alliance for Public Charter Schools. Previously, Ms. Rees was Senior Vice President for Strategic Initiatives with Knowledge Universe. Rees worked for over 15 years in Washington, D.C., most recently as the Assistant Deputy Secretary for Innovation and Improvement at the U.S. Department of Education. Rees also served as a domestic-policy adviser to the Vice President of the United States.

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