Countdown: 10 Must-Read Education Stories from This Week

A New Law Banning Suspensions of Disruptive Kids, ‘Glaring and Heartbreaking’ Handling of Sex Abuse in Schools, 2020 Dems Finally Debate Education and More

10. Wisconsin District to Hold Parents Accountable if Their Children Bully Other Students

The idea of holding parents financially accountable for their children’s bullying or other offenses is controversial. Read Now

9. Why Enrollment Keeps Falling at Many of Florida’s Traditional District Schools

Many families are choosing free public alternatives for their children’s education, including charter schools, vouchers for private schools and online classes, options that reduce traditional schools’ population. Read Now

8. Washington Post Analysis: More Children Across the Country Are Attending School with Students of Other Races

The number of children attending U.S. public schools with students of other races has nearly doubled over the past quarter century, a little-noticed surge that reflects the nation’s shifting demographics, a Washington Post analysis has found. Read Now

7. Civics Survey: 1 in 5 Americans Can’t Name Single Branch of U.S. Government

The survey suggested a link between high school civics or government classes and civics knowledge. Read Now

6. California Lawmakers Approve Bill that Ends State Authorization of Charter Schools

Lawmakers sent Gov. Gavin Newsom legislation Tuesday that overhauls the way California approves charter schools. Read Now

It’s Halftime! This Week’s #CommentaryOfTheWeek:

photo: Drew Blocksberg/Getty Images

EDEN and POLLACK: How a District Enabled Deranged Student-Turned-Shooter

Why did the school allow him to remain enrolled despite his daily, deranged behavior for a full year? Not by negligence, but by policy. Read Now

5. Wall Street Journal Analysis: When Wall Street Flips Municipal Bonds, Towns and Schools Pay the Price

An analysis of trading data suggests new bonds often are underpriced, which means taxpayers will pay more in interest. Read Now

4. ‘I Am Pro-Good Schools’: 2020 Dems Debate Charter Schools and Teacher Pay

The candidates largely focused on their established educational positions. And they largely avoided specifics. Read Now

3. California Governor Signs New Law that Bans Schools from Suspending Disruptive Kids

It is will soon be illegal in California for both public and charter schools to suspend disruptive students from kindergarten through eighth grade. Read Now

2. ‘Glaring and Heartbreaking’: Feds Order Chicago District to Overhaul Policies after Failing to Protect Students from Sexual Violence

In what federal officials called a historic enforcement action to protect students from sexual violence, Chicago Public Schools has entered into a legally binding agreement with the U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights and pledged extensive reforms in its handling of abuse and assault cases. Read Now

1. America’s Newest Outsourced Job: Public School Teachers

Over the past decade, school districts around the U.S. have quietly begun using the J-1 visa program, which was originally created as a means of temporary cultural exchange, to fill persistent teacher vacancies. Read Now

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