Countdown: 10 Must-Read Education Stories from This Week

A New School Choice Film, Eliminating Gifted Programs in Favor of Integration, Adults' Satisfaction Levels with K-12 Education and More

10. Trailer Released for New Film Based on Virginia Walden Ford’s Fight to Change the System and Create Educational Opportunities for All Kids

Despite facing corrupt politicians and a local drug lord, Virginia sparks a movement. Read Now

9. School Board to Ignore Colorado’s New Sex Ed Law, Says It Violates Districts’ Right of Local Control

Monument’s school board is calling for an investigation into Colorado’s new sex education law. Read Now

8. ‘This Contract Is a Message to Our Enemies’: Newark Teachers Union Votes to Abolish Performance-Based Pay

About 890 people cast ballots, or roughly one-quarter of the union’s members. Read Now

7. Shocking Allegations: Mother’s Lawsuit Claims 7-Year-Old Daughter Was Viciously Bullied and ‘Slut-Shamed’ at Philly School

Nakita Sibert-Mosley has filed a lawsuit against the Philadelphia School District on behalf of her daughter. Read Now

6. Warring Factions Reach Agreement on California Charter School Legislation: Districts Can Consider Financial Effect, Charters Can Appeal

The accord marks a rare compromise between groups that have poured millions into local and statewide campaigns to gain leverage in a fight over public education dollars. Read Now

It’s Halftime! This Week’s #CommentaryOfTheWeek:

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KONKOL: Chicago Teachers Union Boss Talks Like Working Man, Lives Like Wealthiest 1%

Chicago Teachers Union boss Jesse Sharkey talks like a socialist tough guy, lives in a posh Rogers Park estate and drives a Tesla. Read Now

5. After More than Half of Michigan Third Graders Fail in Reading, Officials Must Decide Who to Hold Back

With the teeth in Michigan’s third grade retention law ready to sink in this school year, results from the state’s annual literacy exam remain bleak. Read Now

4. Caught on Camera: Teachers Injured by Students During Multiple Brawls at Oklahoma Middle School, Police Called Out 13 Times in 2 Weeks

The American Federation of Teachers in Oklahoma City says they are stepping in to find solutions after multiple videos of fights at John Marshall Middle School surfaced. Read Now

3. ‘The Best Contract I’ve Seen’: Seattle Teachers Get Another Round of Double-Digit Raises, Could Make Up to $124,000

It wasn’t everything they wanted, but it was close enough. Read Now

2. NYC Mayor’s School Diversity Group Recommends Eliminating Gifted Programs in Favor of Integration

City gifted programs “do not serve a 21st century educational mission and unfairly block educational opportunities for students who are Black, Latinx, low-income,” report authors wrote. Read Now

1. Gallup Poll: 51% of U.S. Adults Are Satisfied with Quality of K-12 Education

For the first time since 2004, a slim majority of U.S. adults are satisfied with the overall quality of education that students in kindergarten through grade 12 receive. Read Now

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